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Interview with Ilandra from Ilandra (Leisure Planet 1) by Alice Gaines

What kind of job do you have? 
I’m the Sensitive Officer for the spaceship Stargazer.  My role on the crew is to get a feeling for people and animals and even places we encounter in our explorations.  The moment Sam and I got stranded on this new planet, I sensed it had a mind and a purpose for us.  That purpose was benevolent, but it took me days to convince my captain of that.  He’s pretty hard-headed, lol.

Describe yourself in three words. 
Sensitive (obviously), creative, peaceful

Who is your love interest? 
My captain, Sam Mayfair.  He’s my opposite in many ways, but he’s the person the universe has given to me to love.

Tell us about your first kiss with Sam. 
It was a very odd encounter.  We were sharing a sleeping bag on this new planet, and I had a vision that Sam and I were having sex even though I could see him sleeping next to me.  It felt real, and it was.

List three things about Sam that turn you on. 
His equipment (ahem), his smile, his dedication to his mission and his crew.

A relaxing bath or a long, hot shower? 
Definitely a bath, although in this story Sam and I share a very interesting shower.

Would you share the blurb from your story?
When the landing crew of the Stargazer encounters an uncharted alien planet, they have no idea how determined the planet is to bring unlikely couples together.
Sam, the Captain, and his Sensitive Officer, Ilandra, find themselves separated from the rest of the party, stranded and alone. Neither is anxious to explore the feelings they've worked so hard to keep hidden, but the planet's not about to let them hide any more. Strange things begin to appear as if in answer to their every wish.
Ilandra's fantasies come straight from the novels she reads. Sam's, on the other hand, are far more of a surprise! With or without their help, the planet seems determined to make all their desires come true.

How about an excerpt?

Sam appeared at the base of a nearby tree.  With the growing darkness and his distance from the fire, he appeared more in outline form than fully human.  And he was bigger, his shoulders broader and his feet parted and hands on his hips.  Looking at him made her heart beat faster.  He was the man who commanded the ship, issuing orders and expecting them to be obeyed without hesitation.  But he had a different air to him.  Impatience.  No more.  Command presence.  More even than that.  Dominance.  Oh Lord.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” he said.

“What should I say?”

He approached, and now the fire revealed him more clearly.  He wasn’t wearing his uniform but rather all black.  Tight pants showing off the well-defined muscles of his legs and a billowing shirt parted down the center to expose his chest.  Knee-high leather boots, also black, completed his costume.  A pirate, even without the sword by his side.  The man of her darkest desires.

She’d never told anyone about her fantasies of being dominated.  Her mission was all about peace and understanding, after all.  A lover who’d order her about and demand she submit couldn’t hurt as long as he remained imaginary, but what if he came true?

“Don’t say anything,” he said.  “I have other plans for your mouth, not talking.”

She folded her hands together and nodded.

“In fact, don’t speak unless I give you permission,” he said.

Not the exact words from her fantasy, but the meaning matched.  For the next several minutes, she’d do exactly as he instructed… to the letter… and he’d reward her with sex so good she’d beg for more.

He walked to the sleeping bag and stood right on the middle of it.  She wouldn’t question him about getting it dirty with his boots.  Any sign of disobedience might lose his approval and her ultimate reward.

He pointed toward a spot right in front of him.  “On your knees here.”

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