Friday, May 19, 2017

TGIF Changeling - Kate Hill, Mikala Ash, B.J. McCall, Ashlynn Monroe, Lena Austin, Shelby Morgen

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Grit (Fangs and Fists 2)
by Kate Hill
Sale Price: $4.24

In the midst of the demon rebellion, Grit and Zari explore a once forbidden passion.
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2nd Edition: The Pleasure Dome of Titan
by Mikala Ash
Sale Price: $3.19

Joshua must convince Professor Voss to cease her experiments -- before she steals his heart.
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Forever (Box Set)
by B.J. McCall

For vampires, everything fun is illegal, but night is made for sin, and vampires rule the dark.
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Tegan (Married to the Aliens 2)
by Ashlynn Monroe

Is Tegan brave enough for life on an unknown world with two alien warriors in a galaxy far far away?
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2nd Edition: Beware The Fury
by Lena Austin

Why's Detective Bach tracking Tisiphone? It's personal. And it's about to get really personal...
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by Shelby Morgen
Print: $12.95
Her love may be his only redemption...
Print Edition Available at $12.95
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