Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Is it wrong of me to title my post after a very famous song from a very famous children's movie on an Erotic Romance publisher blog? Probably. But, dammit, I just don't care. Why?



And how about a little 70's porn theme music? Bow, chick, bow bow.... You know what I'm talkin' bout baby... <- Said in my deepest Barry White-esque voice. So, yeah, I'm just bouncing around, waiting for the release... counting down the hours and minutes... Here's the blurb: Eric D’Amore is back and still struggling to pair Extraordinaries and Normals together. Good thing his next trio already shares a bit of history, otherwise his job would be nearly impossible.

Two men, one woman and some yummy man loving… What more could a woman ask for?

Lara Kinley is a schoolteacher by day and a waitress at TJ’s, the local Animali Extraordinary bar, by night. Everyone has to make sacrifices to get what they want, but will Lara’s sacrifices result in her dreams coming true and her wildest fantasies fulfilled?

Theo and Jackson are partners in love and life, but both of them feel something is missing. It takes the prodding of Eric D’Amore and an order from the Office of Kink and Karma for them to admit their desire for a woman in their lives to each other. Once they understand and accept the other’s needs, they embark on seducing and capturing Lara as their own. But can she open her heart to these two men and allow their love for her to solve all her problems?

And now (drum roll please....) a sneak peak at the opening chapter, just for ya'll:

A slim, cool hand slid around Eric’s cock, pulling him awake with its slow, even strokes. His voice, gravely from sleep, called out the owner’s name. “Melani.”

She melded to him, pressing her breasts into his side, resting her head on his shoulder as her fingers worked their magic. Propping his arms behind his head, he relaxed under her touch. Sure, they’d decided to end their relationship for their own reasons, but damn, she knew which places to stroke.

“Eric, I’ve missed you.”

Her voice, a seductive purr, shot straight to his cock. She began snaking down his abdomen, skin slithering against skin, but he grabbed her shoulders, stopping her descent. “Not this time, Lani. We’ll both get our pleasure.”

Smiling and with a grace born of her years spent dancing, she climbed atop him, settling her moist, hot core over his cock. Her lithe, lean form, with its trim hips and deeply tanned skin, rose above him. Her dark brown hair cascaded around her shoulders in large curls.

Sliding his hands along her outer thighs, he squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh. Melani kept herself fit and trim; tight muscle covered every inch of her from head to toe and not a bit of fat or flab could be seen. She truly was the ideal woman for anyone but him. But here she was, in his house and in his bed, ready and willing.

Melani’s bare pussy slid along his cock, spreading her cream all over him as she moved. The warm, wet heat teased him, but he needed more. Grasping her hips, he controlled her motions. Back and forth, back and forth, over and over he moved her as he desired. She moaned her appreciation of his control. Each time the head of his cock slid near her opening, he barely resisted the urge to plunge into her depths. Each time he nudged her clit, she cried out in pleasure.

Melani pressed her hips down on his, slowing his movements, but increasing the friction. Having had enough of teasing her, he raised her hips up, poising his cock at her entrance and pressing into her slightly.

“Yes, oh God, yes!”

In one forceful thrust, Eric embedded his cock deep within Melani’s heat until her smooth, cream-slicked skin pressed against his groin. They lay joined, their breathing heavy as seconds ticked by, Eric giving her pussy a chance to adjust to his size. It had been a long time since they’d fucked.

Yeah, I'm a tease, but you love me anyway, right? Right?
Ce ;)
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