Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In the Hot Seat: Interview with K. Z. Snow

Welcome the Fantastic K. Z. Snow to the Changeling Press family. Today you are in the hot seat answering the questions we so want to know!

Which would you choose (and you have to choose one!):

Chocolate syrup or body butter?
KZS:Since I have no clue what body butter is, and it doesn’t sound very pleasant, I’ll go with the syrup.

The bed or the wall?
KZS:Comfort. The bed. (Hell, just don’t make me wash the sheets!)

Top or Bottom?
KZS:Top or bottom of what? Okay, bottom.

Three feet of snow or three weeks of ninety-plus heat with eighty percent humidity?
KZS:Now this I can relate to. Much as I hate it after this winter, I’ll go with the snow.

A bus or a plane?
KZS:Yuck. Hate ‘em both. (I’m a train chick.) Okay, bus.

Fifteen minutes late or fifteen minutes early?
KZS:Another bad choice. But I’ll pick early, since lateness makes me cranky.

Hairy chest or smooth?
KZS:Hm. Smooth. But not always.

Muscular or wiry?
KZS:Not sure of the difference and wish I had examples. Muscular, but not muscle-bound.

Geek or businessman?
KZS: Yuck again. Businessman, made with objection.

“The Princess Bride” or “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”?
KZS:Never heard of the latter. “The Princess Bride.”

“American Idol” or “Top Chef”?
KZS:This year, “Top Chef,” ‘cause “Idol” pretty much sucks.

Dogs or Cats?

Three inches or twelve?
KZS:Three. (Didn’t expect that, didja?)

Thank you K. Z. Snow for being in the Hot Seat!