Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In the Hot Seat: Interview with Kassie Burns

Welcome the Fantastic Kassie Burns to the Changeling Press family. Today you are in the hot seat answering the questions we so want to know!

Which would you choose (and you have to choose one!):

Chocolate syrup or body butter?

KB:They’d both end up on the hips, but the body butter sounds like more fun.

The bed or the wall?

KB: Mostly I don’t like being up against the wall, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

Top or Bottom?

KB:Bottom, I’m lazy!

Three feet of snow or three weeks of ninety-plus heat with eighty percent humidity?

KB:You’re asking this question at the end of the worst winter in decades – ninety-plus heat sounds heavenly.

A bus or a plane?

KB: I hate them both but at least flying is faster.

Fifteen minutes late or fifteen minutes early?

KB:I’m an early bird.

Hairy chest or smooth?

KB:Smooth and tanned and I’m all yours.

Muscular or wiry?

KB:I might have to split the difference on this one. I like muscular men, but not too muscular.

Geek or businessman?

As an English major, I tend to be a bit on the geeky side myself, so I’ll go with a fellow geek.

“The Princess Bride” or “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”?

IKB: love both movies, but you can’t beat Mr. and Mrs. Smith for action, adventure, romance and wit, plus Brad Pitt. Oh, yes, and what’s-her-name.

“American Idol” or “Top Chef”?

KB:At the risk of everyone thinking I just got back from Tibet, I have to confess to never having watched American Idol. I’ve also passed on Top Chef, but we do watch Iron Chef, so I’m going with the cooks.

Dogs or Cats?

KB:I’d love to skip this one because I know it’s an easy way to start a war, LOL. I’ve had four or five kitties in my life and loved them all, but I’m a dog lover first and last. At the moment we have two adorable silky terriers.

Three inches or twelve?

KB: Oh, gosh, let’s see. I’m five foot two. Do the math.

Thank you Kassie for being in the Hot Seat!

Checkout Kassie's website at and watch for her upcoming Changeling Release: Defiant Love (Click Here for more info)


  1. Great Interview! I loved the answers. Hugs.

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    LOL, love the responses, Kassie.

    Oh, and Top Chef totally rocks!