Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In the Hot Seat: Interview with Selena Illyria

Welcome the Fantastic Selena Illyria to the Changeling Press family. Today you are in the hot seat answering the questions we so want to know!

Which would you choose (and you have to choose one!):

Chocolate syrup or body butter?

Selena: I can only pick just one? Fine. Chocolate syrup

The bed or the wall?

Selena: Aw, geez, okay I’d go for the wall.

Top or Bottom?

Selena: What kind of questions are these? Okay, Top.

Three feet of snow or three weeks of ninety-plus heat with eighty percent humidity?

Selena: Snow, definitely snow, you can stay nice and warm at home.

A bus or a plane?

Selena: Plane.

Fifteen minutes late or fifteen minutes early?

Selena: Fifteen minutes early. Wait, early or late for what?

Hairy chest or smooth?

Selena: Smooth and tanned and muscular . . . oh, I wasn’t supposed to go into detail was I? lol

Muscular or wiry?

Selena: Muscular.

Geek or businessman?
Selena: I can’t have a combo of both can I? Darn, okay I’ll go for the Geek.

“The Princess Bride” or “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”?

Selena: Frak, okay The Princess Bride. Wesley *dreamy sigh*

“American Idol” or “Top Chef”?

Selena: Top Chef

Dogs or Cats?

Selena: I’m a cat person, so cats.

Three inches or twelve?

Selena: *narrows eyes* Inches of what? Fine, twelve inches.

Thank you Selena for being in the Hot Seat!