Friday, September 19, 2008

Excerpt: Through Topaz


Who would’ve thought Gnomes could be sexy?

Ember has spent months preparing for the spell that will rescue her father. Now, all she has to do is lure the Gnome, Dowan, into her cave and convince him to help her. She doesn’t know why, but he is the one she needs to raise the energy that will power the spell.

Dowan is intrigued by the sexy witch with the sincere eyes. The woman has guts but will she be a match for Lilia, the Faery that has kidnapped Ember’s father and is the enemy of the Gnomes?
Excerpt #2: Adult

His mixture of anger and desire excited her. There was nothing like a little anger to add spice to bed play. It gave a sharp edge to the passion. He stalked toward her, not speaking. She began backing slowly away. In a moment, he had grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. Those topaz eyes in the dark tan face stared at her with animal intent. She ran her hand through his hair, and the eyes changed to blue again from her sapphire ring. He held the back of her head and kissed her with all his anger and passion and desire. It made her breathless. It made her needy. It made her wet.
He ground against her hips -- no waiting, no coaxing. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him closer, so she could feel more of him against her. He gave a laugh of evil delight when she rubbed her breasts against his chest.
“It’s better this way,” he said as he moved her dress to expose her breasts, which were already tingling. His low, slow rumble of a voice had gotten rough, and that just made her nipples peak harder. He pressed their naked flesh together. The short hairs on his muscular chest stimulated her soft skin, and she grabbed his head to bring him in for another deep kiss. One of her legs wrapped around his hips. His low laugh resonated against her. “You’ll need both feet on the ground for this,” he said.
While she was distracted with their kiss, his hands had found her bottom under the dress. The tiny quakes started in his hands again. He grazed his fingertips slowly down the cleft of her ass. She had never realized how sensitive the skin was there.
She tensed at first when his fingers brushed over her back opening. He kept stroking patiently until she was relaxed enough for him to slide his small finger into her. She moaned loudly. Gods, it felt good.. She never would have imagined feeling such pleasure there. He increased the quaking in his fingers and she arched back against the cave wall. When his other hand began sliding through the slick outer lips of her pussy, her stomach muscles clenched. One finger dipped into her opening and stroked slowly down the inside, then two fingers. Then his thumb started circling her clit.
“Oh, gods, Dowan,” she groaned. It was impossible not to move her hips. There was too much happening inside her body. She did not know what he was doing with his little finger, but whatever it was just doubled the pleasure and the pressure inside her pussy. Added to that were the tingling vibrations against her clit and his hot mouth roving her exposed breasts. His teeth scraped her as he sucked hard on her tender skin. She tried to stop digging her fingernails into his back -- she must be hurting him by now -- but she had to do something with her hands. So, she moved them to his scalp, but she just pulled his hair.
He looked up with her nipple in his mouth and said, “Stop worrying about it. I want to know how aroused you are.”
She knew she was about to come, but she did not know if she would survive it. She tried to pull his head up, but he was reluctant to leave her breasts. “I need something to bite,” she grated at him. His erection pulsed at her admission. He began sucking on the skin of her neck without further protest. She bit his shoulder until the very end, when she had to scream.

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