Monday, April 13, 2009

Grim Justin Collection by Fiona Jayde


Traveling through space, GrimJustin is ship of hackers, fighters and lovers working the not quite legal side of interplanetary politics.
When Intel Agent Dinah Burns is captured obtaining a top-secret key sequence to a competitor’s MainFrame system, the man committed to extracting her intel is Jack Brenner. But Dinah won’t give up the key sequence. Even when Brenner uses his own special kind of orgasmic torture.
Halloway Duke is contracted to bring back a rogue pilot. Finding her isn’t a problem. Finding her to be Kara Dillon -- the lover who betrayed him into enemy hands -- is unpleasant. Finding he still wants her is not something he’s ready to deal with just now...
GenAlt -- superhuman, super strong. MedTech Lilian Oser leads a quiet life aboard GrimJustin until Trent O’Blak is called to Arius Prime and the old need for revenge burns through every cell of her now strong body. She will get to Arius Prime. She will take her revenge. And she will prove to Trent that she can handle anything the big GenAlt can dish out.
Old Earth Curse: May you live in interesting times...


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Her eyes snapped open to darkness.
Immediately, Dinah catalogued the surrounding conditions: warm, dark, no visible exits. Some sort of padded pallet was under her; she was facing up, her hands resting at her center, cuffed in cool slick metal. Her feet hung off the pallet, touching the floor. She didn’t panic, not yet anyway. She tested her eyes -- looked up, then down. The drug was wearing off. Think.
Her feet weren’t bound. They were solid on the floor, which was at least something. The tremors under her toes told her she was on a ship. For how long, which one, she had no idea. She tried to identify the mix of metal and musk in the air when she heard a door swish open.
Her own pulse pounded in her ears. She willed herself not to move and forced fear down where it didn’t bother her throat.
“Agent Burns.” His voice was behind her, the warm whisper of it sending shivers from her neck down. A male voice, somehow familiar. “You’re awake.”
She didn’t respond on a chance he might come around so she could see his face -- and gasped as a large male hand gently squeezed her breast.
“You are awake,” he repeated and withdrew his hand.
She moved, lightning-fast, swinging her feet to stand up and clasping her hands to deliver a blow where his head should have been. Instead, she connected with nothing, staggered from the force of it and stumbled right into a hard male body.
Her foot stamped on his instep and she heard him grunt even as he dragged her backward, muscled her arms up and hooked her cuffs to something above her before moving away, leaving her exposed, vulnerable, helpless. She fought to calm her pulse, gulped for air -- harsh breaths that ripped at her throat as she forced them out.
“Now that you’re awake…” he was behind her now, and the bastard not even breathing hard, “…let’s discuss the keySeq to the MicroSel main-frame.”
Okay, now she knew why she had been captured. Her heart was beating so hard she wondered if he could hear it. Underneath the fear was a sick sort of excitement.
“What key?” She didn’t think it would work, but it might stall some unpleasantness. She expelled a breath.
“Do you really want to play this game?” That warm whisper was tickling her nerves. She sucked air in and stalled for time, trying to calm her breathing, slow the pounding in her chest.
“What game?” She knew what was about to happen, she’d been trained for it. Somehow, the sims didn’t anticipate an almost erotic reaction. Stupid.
He chuckled, the sound somehow sexy. He must have stepped forward, because she felt a hard male body press against her back in a sick parody of a hug. Strong masculine arms wrapped around her, and he shifted, moving her forward so her head fell back against his chest and her rear pressed against his cock. His hard bulging cock.
This was definitely not part of the sims.
“We can do this real easy, Agent Burns,” he said, whispering directly into her ear and, damn it, sending another shiver down her spine. “I need that sequence.”
She was pretty sure debriefing didn’t happen like this, but it was better than broken bones. Breathe in.
“Your training has been accounted for.”
A new truth drug? She’d been exposed to most of them anyway, a new one wouldn’t make a difference. What then?
She shifted slightly, trying to gain a fraction of space between his cock and her ass muscles, clenching in some sort of sick anticipation. In response he rolled his hips a bit to emphasize the contact. And chuckled -- the bastard -- when she gulped in a breath. “Aren’t you interested, Agent?”
She figured he would tell her anyway.
“Newest trend in intel extract.” He paused for a moment, as if to see if he would get a response. Nothing.
His hands skimmed her stomach. “Let’s call it the Pleasure Principle.”

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