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Spaceport: Paradise Run by Dawn Montgomery

Spaceport: Paradise Run
by Dawn Montgomery

Cover art by ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-59596-985-9
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Spaceport
Series: Spaceport Multi-Author
Length: Novella


Kaia has one mission: Get the dignitary to an exchange without letting him get killed. What she doesn’t count on is the feral call to mate when they meet.

From the moment he sees the mischievous hellcat, High Elder Shon can’t keep his paws off her. Now if he can just do something about that pesky relative trying to kill him, maybe he’ll be able to convince Kaia to become his mate.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The stiff pale fur of a shyrah's pelt covered the sleek ebony body of High Elder Shon like a cloak. Kaia smiled at the newcomer with a wary regard, wondering what one of his race was doing so far from his icy home world, and how Jake got him on a Paradise Run cruise liner, no less.
"Straighten up, Kaia." The quiet growl through her earpiece jerked her to attention. "He is an important dignitary."
"Like you care about that, Jake." She stared at the com-link in front of her, looking for some mention of importance in his history. The docket stated his name, planet of origin, and title, but she'd imagined someone older with the title of High Elder. Less… delicious.
Her gaze tracked across the well-defined muscles of his arms, leaving an edge of feral lust spiking through her body. The furs he wore gave her little indication of his lower body's attributes, and that was a shame. She wondered whether her race was compatible with his.
Thinking about sex already? She was insatiable at the best of times. "We need to finish this job quickly."
"Why? Miss your escapades back at 'Port?"
"I have a sex drive, so sue me." Kaia regarded the High Elder again. He could be something completely alien to her species. Disappointment at that thought set the hairs on the back of her neck on edge. Their very masculine subject was stalking up the platform as they spoke, all fluid grace and predator at once. She never understood the need to keep your sexuality in check, but for a taste of this one, she might just try.
"Useless fact number twelve."
Kaia rolled her eyes. He was always spouting useless information during their jobs.
"He's a panthera splice from old Earth. His requests were simple. A public place, an easy exchange, and he wanted someone of his genus origin to make arrangements."
Kaia's tail stiffened in shock. That information wasn't quite so useless, especially since that would make them compatible. "Are you serious?"
"Your tail, Kaia! We need to keep a low profile, and you're the only one with a tail waving around."
"I'm also the only one with a tail, dimbulb."
"Nothing, Jake. Just keep your virtual eyes open." Her tail flicked again. She winced and tried to calm it down, but it twitched in agitation, getting worse. In desperation she started running numbers in her head until her emotions were replaced with ones and zeroes.
"He's almost to you."
Two of the genus panthera splices, descendants of Earth's genetic splices with great cats. On Adana at once. She needed to be inside and away from prying eyes. A close inspection of her ID would show its forgery, and she couldn't waste time in the brig. She wasn't a Paradise Run cruise liner employee, after all.
High Elder Shon gave her a predatory smile with what appeared to be interest. Only the slightest hint of his fangs showed, but holy frek, was it enough. Her pulse jumped.
Feral heat slid through her veins, and she couldn't quite stop a purr from rumbling her chest. His eyes darkened to unfathomable amber liquid.
Her pussy tingled. Surely… her tail swished in the air, giving away her interest in the Elder. Jake's curses through her earpiece were for her ears only, but they still burned. She couldn't hide the blush that stained her cheeks, and kept her hands tightly clasped around the com-link to avoid grabbing her tail.
Elder Shon's amber eyes tracked her tail's movement. Fire slid along her suddenly too tight skin.
She cleared her throat. "Elder Shon, welcome to the final leg of your journey. We hope you enjoyed your stay on 'Port Adana. Your suite accommodations are ready. I hope you enjoy the outer rim Paradise cruise."
"You have a lovely tail." The heavy burr of his voice was laced with a thick accent, one that had her tailbone itching for a scratch.
Kaia froze and coughed out a thank you. She ignored her tail's response, willing her body to fall through the cracks in embarrassment.
"The beauty of a tail is a rarity where I come from. And yours truly is exquisite."
Kaia's nipples hardened under the silk of her tunic. Complimenting her tail was something that made her very shy.
His gaze never left her face, but she had little doubt he noticed every centimeter of her body, from the curve of her hip to the glint of her claws.

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