Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jada's Rabbit Habit by Isabella Jordan

Madam Periwinkle's Erotic Delights: Jada's Rabbit Habit
by Isabella Jordan

Cover art by ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-59596-921-7
Theme(s): Madam Periwinkle's Erotic Delights
Series: Madam Periwinkle's Erotic Delights Multi-Author



Jada Danforth has a little bit of a problem. The hotel heiress has a craving for rabbit dishes. But those pesky animal rights activists have found out what she's been up to, and they still aren't letting that silly little fur coat incident from last year go. Now all the studs on the boyfriend circuit are avoiding her like she's last year's iPhone. She's not getting laid and that's a problem.
While out comfort shopping, she runs across Madame Periwinkle's Erotic Delights. The owner has just the thing for this spoiled princess -- a new type of rabbit, guaranteed to take care of her sensual needs. It even has its own customer service number. How neat!
All is well until her new toy malfunctions. She's amazed when her service call is answered in less than an hour by a very hot repairman. And man is he good with his hands. Yet Aidan Richards isn't what he seems. Can Aidan afford to trust his secrets to a woman whose every step is haunted by the media? Can she dare to hope for a man who can see beyond the heiress and the tabloids to find the woman she really is?


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A visit to her favorite shops didn't improve Jada's spirits. She wandered aimlessly through a couple of stores where she usually spent major money and didn't see anything she couldn't live without. She couldn't even focus on looking. Worried, hand-wringing clerks followed her in a conga line in each store and she assured them the problem was her, not them.
She just couldn't get in the frame of mind to shop as she normally could. The whole situation with the tabloid still had her rattled. She thought she'd learned long ago not to worry about what people thought of her. The greedy reporters didn't really know her, after all.
Still, it was troubling how close they got to the truth sometimes and how they twisted everything around to cast her in the poorest light. She wasn't that bad. Couldn't they cut her some slack?
Jada was about to call it a day and go home for a soak in her hot tub, when she spotted a new shop. Now where had that come from? It sat between Diego's, an ethnic clothing store, and Manfred's coffee shop. It sure as hell went up fast. She was just there last week and the vitamin and organic health food store had been right there where it had been for at least two years. There was a time and place for health stuff -- her cougar years.
Madame Periwinkle's Erotic Delights the elegant lettering on the window read.
The purple storefront was outrageous and that alone had her smiling. Glancing in the front windows, she spotted edible panties, cock rings in assorted flavors, chocolate pasties. Oh, if only she had a man in her life right now. She'd take several of each of those little treats.
That's when she moved to the left and caught sight of what was in the display case on the other side.
Now we're talking. A three-tiered display of vibrators. That was exactly what she needed. If she couldn't get a boyfriend, she'd get a power tool instead. And what power tools they had. There was a spiky blue one in the middle, a pink sparkly vibrator on the top. The one on the bottom? Wow. Ten inches of fun in purple with a curved little thingie so she could play with her ass too.
It was close to what she wanted but not quite it. Well, she'd have to go in and look around, right?
Inside, the shop was just exquisite, filled with beautiful, sparkly toys and tantalizing scents. Her happy thoughts came back in a flash and her shopping instincts along with them. Now she felt better and more like herself.
The vibrators were off to the left near the display case up front. An entire wall of them in velvet-lined cases like fine jewelry. When she got closer, she could see why. Many of the stimulators sparkled like expensive jewels, winking in the lights as she approached.
"May I help you find something?"
The lovely voice came from behind her and she turned to face the most incredible looking woman. She wore black leather pants that showed off long legs and full, womanly hips. Her sheer purple blouse was unbuttoned to the middle of her chest to show off her considerable cleavage and the black bra beneath that so gracefully displayed it. Her hair was platinum blonde with purple highlights, cut straight to gently curve along the line of her jaw. Even her eyes were purple, sparkling at Jada like rare amethysts. And her skin? Incredible. All pale, smooth perfection. Jada wondered what spa she went to.
"Miss Danforth, isn't it?" The woman held out her hand.
Taking the hand she offered, Jada nodded.
"I'm Madame Periwinkle. It's an honor to have a woman of your wealth and taste in my humble shop." The woman's smile was lovely, her expression welcoming with just a hint of wicked. She smelled nice too, though Jada couldn't place the fragrance. Lavender, maybe…
"I'm glad to be here," Jada admitted to her. It only made sense that someone with that kind of style and confidence owned a shop like this.
"You're here for the perfect vibrator?"
Jada nodded. She had no trouble discussing sex frankly. Never had. And that was a good thing considering the video of her doing the nasty with her sleazy ex-boyfriend Chad was still circulating all over the Internet.
"I sort of like the one in the front window. The purple one? But I'd like something a little… fancier. Does that make any sense?"
Madame Periwinkle nodded knowingly. "It makes complete sense. You need something fit for a princess. I have just the thing."
Princess? She liked the woman already. The lady obviously knew how to treat a customer.


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