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Double Time 3: Kittens Scratch by Kate Hill

Double Time 3: Kittens Scratch by Kate  Hill

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Double Time 3: Kittens Scratch

by Kate Hill
cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-291-3
Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): BBW
Series: Double Time
Length: Novella


Scientists Passioniera and Seductress are conducting research at the sacred lake on their home planet of Amazurn when they're transported to a primitive world called Earth.
Twin brothers Ben and Cole are in the woods, enjoying a much needed break from work, when they come across two of the strangest women they've ever met. They claim to be from another planet, have erection-inspiring curves and put the word "attitude" in the dictionary. Despite their craziness, Ben and Cole find the ladies irresistible.
On Amazurn, a man's place is in the home. Barefoot, bare-chested, with a baby in one hand and a dishtowel in the other. Passioniera and Seductress are attracted to rare alpha males and they get more than they bargained for with Ben and Cole. They're tall, strong, independent and absolutely irresistible.
When great sex turns to something more, the couples must choose between logic and love.
Double Time 3: Kittens Scratch
Kate Hill
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Kate Hill

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

After what seemed like an eternity of churning in the overpowering whirlpool, Passioniera and Seductress dropped onto the shore of an unfamiliar river. Gasping and choking, the redhead and the brunette sat in the mud and rocks and tried to get their bearings.
Shoving her hair from her face, Seductress said, "What the hell --"
"Do you know where we are?" Passioniera interrupted, excitement gleaming in her dark eyes.
"I'm afraid to think about it."
"We're on Earth!"
Passioniera had to be right. One moment the women had been on their boat conducting experiments. The next they were sucked below the surface and swept into a breath-stealing whirlpool. They had been studying a great hole located in the sacred river on Alpha Island South on their home planet of Amazurn. Great holes -- rare portals between two worlds -- located on Amazurn invariably led to Earth. Passioniera and Seductress had dedicated their lives to the study of great holes and the distant planet Earth. Only recently had scientists discovered ways to predict when a great hole would open.
"We've hoped for this chance to travel to Earth," Passioniera continued, her eyes still aglow.
"Yes, but we didn't expect to do it today. From the very little we know about Earth, it's still a primitive planet. What are we going to do until the great hole reappears and we can go home? That's assuming our equipment still works and we can figure out when the great hole will come again."
Passioniera's brow furrowed. "That's a good point."
Both women glanced at their wrist computers and unzipped their waist packs. They removed their science monitors and medical kits. The packs as well as the equipment had been made to withstand various conditions, including submergence in water. Still, nothing had quite prepared them for the full force of the great hole.
"All my equipment seems to be in working order," Seductress said. "How about yours?"
"It's fine, but I don't see any indication that a great hole will be opening any time soon. That means we're going to be here for a while."
"Great." Seductress tossed her hands in the air.
"It could be worse."
"We could have drowned."
Meeting her friend's gaze, Seductress said, "From the very little we know about this planet, we might have been better off. They don't have contact with aliens yet, let alone know about great holes and Amazurn."
"Then we'll have to find a way to fit in. Aren't you even a little excited about this opportunity?"
"Sure. Just as long as nothing horrible happens to us. Passioniera, we're completely unprepared for this."
A wicked grin spread across her friend's face and she said, "I know. Isn't it exciting?"
"No!" Seductress snapped, then sighed and added, "Maybe a little."
The women rose to their feet and surveyed the area.
"The atmosphere is very similar to Amazurn," Passioniera observed. "The few humans who accidentally traveled to Amazurn did report that."
"My monitor is picking up human life about half a mile in that direction," Seductress pointed downriver.
"Well, we better take a look."
"And hope they're friendly."
"Good thing the weather is warm. We're soaked to the skin," Passioniera said, wringing out her long hair.
The women followed the river, moving swiftly over the rocky ground. A short time later, the readings on their monitors grew stronger. Glancing through the trees, they saw two tall, sleekly-muscled males wading into the rocky stream. They wore nothing but shorts that exposed a great deal of their long, muscular legs. Their sandy blond hair was cropped short and even from a distance there was no mistaking their handsome features.
"Wow, Passioniera, it looks like we ended up on Alpha Island Earth," Seductress murmured. Her fear of landing on this planet seemed to have faded in the presence of these sexy men, but that wasn't surprising. For such a brilliant scientist, Seductress was often ruled by her pussy instead of her brain.
Yet Passioniera had to admit she was right about these being Alpha males. On Amazurn, powerful, assertive men were banished to the Alpha Islands for fear that they would use their aggression to take over the female-dominated world. Unlike most of her species, Seductress wasn't attracted to the slight, delicate males common on Amazurn. She had a fetish for powerful males. These two Earth men were straight out of her fantasies.
"Yeah," Passioniera said, her voice just above a whisper. Her gaze fixed on the men who now lay chest deep in the water, only their broad shoulders and gorgeous faces visible.
"Girl, I think this is the perfect time to let them know we come in peace," Seductress said. She took a step closer to some rocks leading across the water, but Passioniera stopped her by resting a hand on her arm.
"What?" Seductress asked. "While we're here we should take the time to learn as much as we can. What better way than to make love with these beautiful aliens?"
On Amazurn, it was perfectly acceptable for women to act on their carnal impulses. Pleasure houses were a major source of entertainment. "Because we're not sure how they'll react," Passioniera said.
"They're men, so their first impulse should be to please women."
"Remember, they're Earth men. And what about safety?"
"According to the monitors, our contraceptive, disease control shots are still working."
"I don't mean that kind of safety. I mean how do we know they're not overly aggressive?"
"Passioniera, if you don't find them attractive and don't want to fuck them --"
"It's not that," Passioniera said. "They're very handsome, especially the leaner one."
"Excellent. I prefer the heavier one."
"I just think we should be careful."
Seductress snorted. "I'm always careful. You're the one who was so thrilled about us being here."
"That doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious."
"Do what you want, Passioniera. I'm going to introduce myself."
Seductress continued toward the water. After a moment's hesitation, Passioniera said, "I'm coming."

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