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The Queens of Merab 3: Temair's Aire by Violet Summers

The Queens of Merab 3: Temair's Aire by Violet  

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The Queens of Merab 3: Temair's Aire

by Violet Summers
cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-422-1
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, BBW
Series: The Queens of Merab
Length: Novella

Book Summary On the world of Merab, women rule, while men wield the magic. It's been an equitable system, until now. Temair knew that one day she'd have to step up and take her place as Queen of Emetra; she just didn't expect for it to happen so soon!
Now she finds herself on a Tour of the Queendom in search of her four Consorts –- the four men whose Elemental magic will awaken hers. Her First Consort, Fyre Lord Miach, is all warrior. Her Second Consort, Rayne Lord Dathan, is all play. Bonding with Fyre and Rayne was almost effortless. Aire is giving her some problems –- mostly because his mother has him so sequestered that Temair hasn't even caught a glimpse of the man!
When she finally does, Temair isn't at all prepared for what she finds. Instead of a stone cold fighter or a playful playboy, she finds a man scarred by life. Zevan needs more than Temair's love; he needs the love and support of the family she's building, too. Only by seeing himself through their eyes can he truly believe he's worthy to be Temair's Aire.

The Queens of Merab 3: Temair's Aire
Violet Summers
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Violet Summers

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Temair paced the large sitting room restlessly. Even wrapped up in a woolen shawl and calling on her inner fyre, she was still chilled. Poor Dathan was huddled before the monstrous fireplace trying to warm his thin blood.
She approached the floor to ceiling windows covering the north wall. The Aerie was built atop a giant cliff; all Temair was able to see were never-ending gray skies above and the equally dull waters of the Galta Sea below. At night she could hear the waves crashing into the walls making sleep difficult.
Even Dathan, who was always at home near the water, wasn't drawn to the turbulent tides below. This was not the same place her Aire father had described to her. She'd expected the physical chill; she just hadn't realized the cold would be soul-deep.
She'd spent two days looking out these windows waiting to meet Lady Alta's only son, Zevan, and for two days she'd been told that he was ill. Instead the Lady had foisted her nephew Nabal upon them.
Temair had taken an instant dislike to the man. He was too eager to talk with her exclusively. He completely ignored Miach and Dathan, treating them more like servants than her Consorts. That behavior alone would have made her dislike him, but there was more. Anytime she made an inquiry concerning Lady Alta's son, Nabal had a snide comment to make concerning the other man. Rather than defending her son, Lady Alta always laughed and remarked how observant Nabal was.
The wide double doors at the end of the room opened and Lady Alta, escorted by the odious Nabal, entered the room with a flourish. The older woman smiled as she approached, but Temair wasn't fooled. There was no joy in the Lady's silvery eyes. She wasn't even sure the Lady had ever experienced that particular emotion.
The Lady wore her hair in the short, spiky style of the Aire people, the dark charcoal color indicating the strength of her aire magic. White strands flowed from her crown to frame her face.
"Princess," she bowed slightly as she stopped next to Temair. "I assume you have been taken care of. All your needs met?"
Temair bristled at the slightly caustic tone the woman took. It was obvious Lady Alta didn't like Temair, but since she had not been blatantly rude, Temair bore her tedious behavior.
"Thank you, Lady Alta, all my needs have been met, with the exception of meeting your son." Temair gripped her shawl tighter around her not only to relieve the sudden chill in the room, but to keep from strangling her hostess.
The Lady's smile faded. "Yes, well, he is still not up to visitors. But I have good news. Nabal has been generous enough to offer to escort you on a tour of the grounds."
By the elements! Temair did not want to spend any more time with Nabal. She wasn't the only one who couldn't stand the man. Miach wanted nothing more than to choke him to death. Dathan was more diplomatic, but he lost no opportunity to make Nabal look like a fool without him realizing it.
"Thank you, Lady," she said between clenched teeth, then turned to Nabal. "And thank you, Nabal, for your time."
"You are more than welcome, Princess. It is no chore escorting such a beautiful woman around my home." His smile reminded her of a predator just before they bit the head off something small and helpless. "I will meet you here in three hours." He bowed, then straightening he held out his arm for his aunt and they made their exit.
Temair smiled ruefully as she walked over to the divan Dathan was huddled on. Miach came out of the corner he'd been hiding in to sit down on her other side. "Spark, if I have to spend another minute with that little snake I will kill him for sure."
She patted her husband's cheek. "Now, now, my warrior. I let you hide in dark corners whenever they come to speak with me. I won't let you abandon me during our little excursions."
Dathan leaned forward. "Quit whining, Consort. At least you're warm. I haven't felt a lick of heat in three days."
Temair raised an eyebrow. "Not a lick, Lord Rayne?"
"Okay, maybe a few licks here and there," he grudgingly admitted. "But even then one side of me is generally cold." Miach snorted at Dathan's complaint. "If Number One over there wasn't such a baby, I could sleep in the middle and be kept warm by both of your fyres." Dathan's pout pulled at Temair's heart. Miach's scowl tickled her sense of humor.
"It's not my fault you have such thin blood, water boy. It's not my job to keep your skinny ass warm." She stifled a laugh as their familiar bickering continued.
Finally, she grabbed each man by the hand. "Enough, you two! Tonight you can sleep between us, Dathan." When the Rayne Lord's blue eyes began to glow, Temair laughed. "Sleep, Dathan," she emphasized with a grin.
"Spark," Miach's warning growl lit her fyre and made her wet.
She leaned over and kissed him deeply. Pulling back she stared into his burning black eyes. "Please, Miach, do this for me. I promise all will be well."
Dathan reached out and squeezed Miach's thigh, causing her warrior to jump. "Don't you worry, hot stuff, I won't touch anything."
"Damn right, you won't," Miach grumbled.
Dathan winked at him. "Unless, of course, you beg me to."

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