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Lycan Wars 1: Instinct by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Lycan Wars 1: Instinct by Lizzie Lynn Lee

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Lycan Wars 1: Instinct

by Lizzie Lynn Lee
cover art by Lizzie Lynn Lee
ISBN: 978-1-60521-337-8
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Theme(s): Vampires, Werewolves
Series: Lycan Wars
Length: Novella


In the Aeon Empire where the bloodline rules everything...
Radek Nikolaev, alpha of the packs, whose ancestors were conquered by the vampyres, vows that enslavement of his kin doesn't come without payback. As retribution, he wants to plunder the Aeon King's most prized possession, his only daughter and heir, Vita, as he leads his pack out from Aeon. Vita Petrienko has always harbored deep feelings for the outcast wolf prince. When Radek kidnaps her, Vita is more than a willing participant. She has always wanted a taste of the forbidden.
But neither of them anticipates the uncontrollable fire between them once their passion is unleashed. Primal instinct draws them to each other's arms. When they are torn apart, will their instinct reunite the two star-crossed lovers back together?
Enter the world of Aeon at
Lycan Wars 1: Instinct
Lizzie Lynn Lee
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Lizzie Lynn Lee

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Radek Nikolaev wanted to hate her. The precious Aeon's daughter, delight of the Seven Houses. Heir of the Empire. His number one enemy. Despite who she really was, Radek couldn't bring out the deep-seated anger for what her ancestors had done to his kin. He didn't know why he couldn't hate her, considering all vampyres were the same. They were cunning, treacherous creatures that had enslaved the Lycans for more than three centuries, cheated them out of their birthland, and forced them into being mere thralls. All except her. She was different. Vita Serova Petrienko. The woman Radek had just kidnapped.
She sat on the edge of the bed, arms folded on her lap, her expression calm and serene, apparently unperturbed by the fact that her fate lay in Radek's hands. He could kill her at his whim. He had the right to do so since she was his prisoner, his leverage to get out of Aeon. But she didn't seem frightened of him or by the whole ordeal. When Radek secretly studied her through the crack of the door, the princess looked excited, as if this whole experience were nothing but a game.
Well, I'll be damned.
Radek stormed in and slammed the door closed. The noise startled her. Her eyes cut to him, widening. His breath caught in his throat. He still couldn't get over admiring how beautiful she was. Her eyes were pale blue, surrounded by thin rings of red; the true mark of a royal-born vampyre. Her nose was pert, complementing her high cheekbones and ruby lips. With pale skin and flaming hair, she looked as if she was forever bathed in the Sun God's blessing. She smiled. Radek cursed in silence. Why was she smiling? She was supposed to be scared out of her wits. Being held captive by their lowly thralls was every royal-born vampyre's nightmare.
"Are you hungry, Princess?" Vita shook her delicate head. Radek stooped over her, planting both hands on the side of her knees, his face only a hairsbreadth away as he wanted to assert his dominance over her. "Why the smile? Aren't you afraid of me?"
She blinked. Her lush dark lashes swept down and up like a dancer's fan. "Should I be?"
"I can kill you."
"Why don't you?"
"You haven't served my purpose yet."
"That is to be expected." Her voice was cool with confidence. "But I don't think you'll hurt me."
Radek narrowed his eyes. "How can you be so sure?"
"It's not your nature to hurt the innocent. You have a good heart, wolf prince."
Wolf prince. The words rolled out of her mouth without a shred of mockery, unlike the way her father spoke to him. The way she said it was as if she was wholeheartedly acknowledging his birthright. He was the prince from Evona, a conquered empire, leader of the pack, noble by birth, an outcast in a foreign land. Radek wished he were able to hate her. "You don't know me."
"I've known you since I was a little girl, don't you remember? You used to bring me flowers from the Hollow."
Radek remembered that. When she was little, Vita used to sneak away from her governess to play in the Hollow with the thralls' children. He was only a few years older than she, and quite taken with the vampyre princess. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. And she still was.
"You're the most kind-hearted boy I know."
"Times have changed, Princess."

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