Sunday, June 06, 2010

Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Authors...

...gang aft agly. In this case, it's not a big deal. But my book, Gomorrah: Bonded, originally scheduled for 6-25, is now coming out... this Friday, 6-11 (or technically Thursday unless you're in one of the areas M picks as the "it's Friday Somewhere" for release date purposes).

So here's the scoop... with great cover art from Renee George, who whipped this lovely puppy together in record time.

At Gomorrah, the customers drink you.

Ian has wondered about Gomorrah, the seedy bar/sex club downtown, for years. Now that he's single again, he decides to check it out. It can't be that bad, can it? And surely all those rumors about vampires are bunk.

Nick's a bouncer at Gomorrah, and when he sees Ian, he sees fresh meat. Or fresh blood, as the vampire patrons of the club will think. Trying to protect the younger man, Nick instead finds himself in a bit of a pickle involving the head of the local cadre, and the only way out is to get a lot closer to Ian than he ever intended.

Read an excerpt here.

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