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Dire Wolves: Blind Spot by Cynthia Sax

Dire Wolves: Blind Spot by Cynthia  Sax

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Dire Wolves: Blind Spot

by Cynthia Sax
cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-156-5
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Werewolves
Series: Dire Wolves (Multi-Author)
Length: Novella

Once Pavel was an alpha of a powerful wolf pack. Now he is a lone wolf; a scarred, one-eyed beast no one can rely on. When a small, sexy she-wolf calls for protection, he knows he's not the wolf for the job. He does agree to train her to defend herself so she can earn her place in a pack. He doesn't plan on falling in love, and he absolutely will not under any circumstances claim her for his own.
Dire Wolves: Blind Spot
Cynthia Sax
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Cynthia Sax

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

A tree limb snapped in two. The sound, crisp and sharp in the evening air, came from directly behind Maggy. They were gaining on her. Pine needles crunched under her paws, the fresh scent not covering up her fear. She'd gotten lucky with this head start. While hidden in the shadows of the bar, she'd overheard a local wolf boast that he and his cronies would have her. The bartender called him Drex, and he wasn't a man who asked before he took so she fled immediately, shifting into wolf form to run on all fours. They couldn't catch her. Her lungs ached. She wouldn't allow that to happen, not again.
There were three of them and one of her. She streaked through the forest, the trees a blur around her. This was their territory. She was passing through Upper New York State on her way to nowhere. Leaves crunched inches away from her. Swallowing her pride, she howled for help. She didn't expect an answer. She'd called before and help never came. She wouldn't think of those times. Tonight would be different. Tonight she would evade her pursuers.
They were bigger, stronger wolves, and with every passing minute, the distance separating them decreased. She couldn't outrun them. She wasn't fast enough. She had to outwit the wolves. She would make them think twice about following her. She darted into a thicket of wild rose bushes, wincing as the thorns ripped at her fur.
It was a mistake. Avoiding the branches slowed her down. The male wolves simply crashed through the bushes. A head butted her hindquarters. She tripped, rolling until she landed on her feet again. Frantic, she took two more strides. Pain pierced her lower thigh. As she pulled away, razor sharp canines sliced through her hind leg. The scent of blood filled the air.
Jaws gripped her flank. A weight landed on her lower back, flattening her. She was caught. She whimpered when another set of teeth clasped onto her free hind leg, widening her stance, leaving her exposed.
Brown front legs straddled her withers. That was Drex. He was the leader. He would go first. She twisted her neck to bite him. That excited him even more, his hard cock pressing against her rump. She flung herself back against him, trying to dislodge him. Her feeble attempts did nothing. He leaned forward, grinding her face into the ground, the taste of dark earth and blood filling her mouth. She couldn't fight him. He was too strong. Maggy squeezed her eyes shut, preparing herself for what would happen next.
A menacing growl rumbled to the right of them. Before the sound registered in Maggy's brain, the weight on her back had lifted and her legs were released. She was free. She put weight on her injured hindquarters. They held for one hopeful moment before folding under her. She couldn't run. She couldn't walk. Desperate, she dragged herself less than a yard before collapsing. She could go no farther.
She curled up, licking her wounds, inventorying the damage. The cuts were deep. Although wolves healed quickly, she wouldn't heal soon enough to save herself. She looked back. The largest wolf she had ever seen stood, his back to her, facing Drex and his henchmen. He would fight three wolves for the right to fuck her.
Mate. Emotion pulsed through Maggy. The silver gray wolf felt like he belonged to her. She shook her head in an attempt to clear it. It was wishful thinking, the result of her blood loss. He couldn't be her mate. She had no mate. She had no pack. He would fuck her until he tired of her and then leave. That was what the others had done. This wolf would do the same.
The three wolves attacked as one. The lone wolf chomped down on the smallest wolf's neck and swung, tossing the body into the path of the other two. He then charged at Drex. They rolled, biting and clawing at each other. There was a crunch of teeth through bone and a yelp of pain. When they broke, Drex lay on the ground, twitching with pain, his hide sliced into blood red ribbons.
The silver wolf stood triumphant, snarling at the other two. He swung his head and Maggy swallowed a gasp. He had only one eye, and the fur on his left side from his ear to his foreleg was crisscrossed with scars. Drex's cronies backed away, their heads lowered in deference. A whining Drex inched along the ground to join them. The silver wolf waited and watched, not moving until they disappeared into the forest.
That one-eyed gaze then turned to Maggy. She smelled his arousal. It both scared and excited her. He would take her now. He was the victor. She was his prize.

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