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L'Auberge Pipistrelli: Kiss the Cook by Madeline Oh

L'Auberge Pipistrelli: Kiss the Cook by Madeleine

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L'Auberge Pipistrelli: Kiss the Cook

by Madeleine Oh
cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-318-7
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires, Werewolves
Series: L'Auberge Pipistrelli
Length: Novella

L'Auberge Pipistrelli
St Pierre sur Clure
Alpes Maritimes
Nice 30 km, Grasse 15km

Comfortable accommodation in a restored country manor house and surrounding cottages. Every luxury assured. The management is committed to meeting the guests' every need -- no matter what it takes.
Maria Lucia Mannaro returns to L'Auberge Pipistrelli intent on taking her place in the family business. Her big Alpha Wolf brothers are not entirely comfortable with her determination to take over as Head Chef. Fortunately they don't know about the vampire lover she's come home to, or they'd be even more annoyingly overprotective.
Meanwhile, Marcel finds himself providing his own special brand of entertainment for a guest who enjoys bondage.
L'Auberge Pipistrelli, The Inn of the Vampires (owned by werewolves). Guest satisfaction guaranteed, no matter how unusual the request...
L'Auberge Pipistrelli: Kiss the Cook
Madeleine Oh
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Madeleine Oh

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"La Contessa Italia-Pucci!" Marcel Mannaro grinned at his brother, Luc. Grin wasn't the right word. Lasciviously leered was closer. "We are moving up in the world. Haven't had a real title in a couple of years. Remember that nymphomaniac duke's daughter?" It had been the daughter who was the nympho, not her stiff-backed father, but she'd been a very happy customer.
"How could I forget?" Luc replied. "Oh, and by the way, La Contessa comes recommended by your Mademoiselle Leroux."
"Claire sent her?"
Now it was Luc's turn to grin. "She did indeed."
Marcel chuckled, and why not? It bucked up a wolf's ego to hear his sexual prowess had been lauded by a happy customer. Not that many clients left L'Auberge Pipistrelli unsatisfied. Keeping customers very, very happy was the specialty of the house.
"Heard any more from that Mademoiselle Vargas?" Marcel asked, not even looking up from the computer screen.
Luc was tempted to snort, but that was so human, and he was feeling rather lupine after a night running over the hills. A month before on the first night of the full moon the said Mademoiselle Elaine Vargas had rescued him, Luc Mannaro, of the ancient and noble line of lupo mannaro, from a bear trap.
Elaine had been magnificent in bed, and his heart knew they were mated in the way of wolves, but he hadn't quite come to terms with the fact she was mere loup garou and could shift at will. At the time he'd been most grateful she could, as neither he nor Marcel could have opened that damn trap with their paws, but he'd been soul searching since she went home. Was she really more powerful than he was? If so, should he let that matter? And the final quandary, was he ready to be mated?
Not getting anything more than a brief e-mail a few days after she left hadn't helped his uncertainty. Maybe it was about time he had another woman to help clear his mind.
"If I might intrude on your dirty thoughts?"
Damn Marcel! Luc raised his eyebrows. "Yes?"
"There's a car coming up the drive."
It could get here on its own couldn't it? "And? Have we started meeting guests with a guard of honor?"
"Getting tense, brother? You need a good screw," Marcel added, totally unnecessarily.
"We don't have any more guests arriving until tomorrow. It could be Jardon delivering this week's cheese and Paul just took off."
"You see to him then."
"You deal with him. I don't know what you ordered." He did if he bothered to look in the computer but what the heck? Luc shrugged. Might be just the distraction he was looking for. It was a definite distraction, just not in that way.
He glanced as the car pulled into the courtyard. A small budget car, not the sort of vehicle that usually pulled up at their front door. Some tourist driven up from Nice perhaps. It happened sometimes. A while back they'd even had two students mistake them for a youth hostel.
But this driver seemed to know where they were going. They parked neatly on the far side of the front door and killed the engine before opening the door.
One glimpse of the driver and Luc was racing into the hall and toward the front door, yelling over his shoulder to Marcel to come quick. "It's Maria Lucia!"
The tall, dark-haired woman leaned against the car, one ankle crossed over the other. "Hello, brother," she said, her mouth twitching. "I thought I'd drop by and see..."
He didn't wait to hear what she was coming to see, just grabbed her by the waist, twirled her around like he used to when they were children and kissed her. "My God, Lucia," he said as he set her back on her feet. "Ever thought of letting us know you were coming?"
She grinned. "I thought about it, but decided not to bother. Easier to drive on down. And you know better. No one's called me Lucia since I was a girl. I'm Maria."
"Mother of all Wolves!" Luc said, and hugged and kissed her again. "You don't know how glad I am to see you."
She tilted her head to one side. "It's good to be back. Where's Marcel?"
She ran toward Marcel. Luc told himself not to be jealous. Hadn't he seen her first? "So, you came back at last," Marcel said.
"At last?" Maria repeated, arching her eyebrows in the way Luc remembered so well. "I came back when it suited. I had things to take care of." Marcel had better go easy or she'd remind them how they sent her away. "Did you both miss me?" she asked, looking from one to the other and grinning. No, smirking!
She was back hugging Luc, then both of them at once before she caught sight of Paul crossing the courtyard, and he got a hug.
"I hope they promoted you from prep and washing dishes," she said.
"Oh, yes, I'm breakfast chef now," Paul replied, returning her hug and grinning at her.
"Wonderful! Is Chef Georges still holding the fort in the evenings?"
"Of course," Luc replied.
"Although he's still talking about retiring," Marcel added.
Damn. His brother should keep his mouth shut. Better not let Paul get ideas. Not for a few years anyway.
"Great," Maria said. "Now tell me," she went on, looking from him to Marcel. "Are the roses out on Maman's patio?"
They were, and while Paul offered to carry her cases to her old rooms and Marcel went off to scurry up coffee, Luc took her through the building and out to the private patio that overlooked the valley.
Maria didn't settle, but paced from one side to the other, smelling the roses and looking out at the view and up at the building as if to reassure herself it was still there and she really was back.
Damn! Had they done the wrong thing sending her away? What else could they have done? Marcel and he had talked this over umpteen times and both had agreed, she could not be allowed to continue the affair with that damn loup garou. At least he was no longer in the area.
Maria took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She was back. For better or worse she was back home. Now, how to break the news to her brothers as to exactly why she'd come home.
Might as well enjoy being the welcomed ewe lamb for a few hours before she set their nice ordered world on end.

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