Saturday, January 29, 2011

COMING SOON! White Russian

Tiressa just wanted a drink. After weeks of lonely space, one breakdown after another, and delays of every kind, she just wanted to relax for a few hours while the nebula storm passed. When she orders a white russian straight up, she doesn't get what she expects.

Yuri Dubnikov was pleaaently surprised to land in the hands of such a luscious looking woman. It was still bad, but at least he had someone interesting to pass the time with. As a spy under a cover so deep, only the Supreme Commander of the military knew his mission. Convincing her he wasn't really as bad as it seemed would definitely take work.

Fortunately, she's as drawn to him as he is to her. Their chemistry, when they collide, will be explosive.

Chapter One
Tiressa stumbled into the dimly lit holo bar and collapsed into a booth. What a fucking day! Nothing had gone right. Absolutely nothing. Her ship had been grounded at Patmar Station because of a busted beacon lamp. When she finally did get clearance to leave, her power coil blew a ring. Now, the nebula storms had forced her to this back-space junk station with no end in sight. What the fuck else could go wrong? She just wanted to get back to Earth and civilization.
She flagged down the dark-haired waiter, who tried to ignore her. "Look, I'm tired, and all I want to do is get back to Earth. I'm seriously PMSing and I've had absolutely no chocolate or caffeine for the last twenty solar days. Do not make me ask you twice to get your ass over her and get me a drink."
That changed the little man's mind. In a hurry.
Tiressa wasn't a small woman by any means. She stood five-nine and, though lean, carried a fair amount of muscle. She looked like a space marine and had the temper to match, but in reality, she was glorified delivery girl. Suited her fine. She was the only cargo tech in the whole damned company who hadn't been jacked at least four or five times. Hell, she hadn't been jacked even once. The only pirate who'd tried got to sample his own balls.
After that, word got around, and everyone pretty much left her alone.
"What'll it be?" The lanky waiter might have finally stopped at her table, but it was far from a willing gesture.
"White Russian. Straight up."
The man stopped in mid-movement as he tapped her order into his tablet. "Did you say, 'White Russian, straight up?'"
Tiressa had to clench her fists to keep from scratching the poor bastard's eyes out. "Did I stutter or something, or are you hard of hearing?"
"No, ma'am." His tone was suddenly respectful, and his body language screamed fear. Finally, something in her tone had made him take her seriously. Maybe this day was getting better. "I just didn't expect a woman to… err… order… such a… err… drink." He stammered all over himself, but Tiressa didn't care. Something in the back of her mind prickled, but she ignored it. If he brought her alcohol, she didn't really give a fuck.
Instead of replying, she just gave him her best icy stare, and he scurried off. Sitting back with a satisfied smirk, Tiressa crossed her legs and looked around her. The place was practically deserted save for a couple of human attendants and several bots to clean tables. The latest news feeds scrolled along the top of the bar, and holo images of fugitives and criminals danced across the banner. Including the announcement of the capture of the Yuri Dubnikov.
Tiressa was never one to be intimidated by anyone, but she had to admit, knowing Dubnikov was behind bars was a relief. His reputation made her hair curl. He was wanted for so many crimes, the list ran the length of the ticker several times. Rape and murder were only minor infractions, if the news could be believed. Crimes against humanity, genocide, and the destruction of vital trade routes using deadly means were just a few of the capital crimes he was charged with. How much was actually true was anybody's guess, but Tiressa felt safer knowing she wouldn't run up against him on one of those sabotaged trade routes.
Everything about the man sent shivers down her spine. Looking at his image on the news, she wondered how he'd managed to stay in hiding as long as he had. Nothing about the man was mundane. He stood out in a crowd like a beat dick. Exceedingly tall and muscular, he stood at least head and shoulders above everyone around him, no matter where he went. His skin was pale, but not so much that his dark blond hair gave him a washed out appearance. Angular features made his face seemed chiseled out of stone. One couldn't call him handsome by any means, but he definitely wasn't someone who blended in with his surroundings. Nor did he seem like a man who'd want to sneak around wherever he went.
No. Dubnikov would blatantly flaunt himself out in public just to prove he couldn’t be caught. Tiressa could tell by the defiant way he boldly looked directly at the camera, not bothering to try and shield himself as so many do when caught. The smirk made Tiressa feel as if he were playing a joke on everyone, that they hadn't so much caught him as he'd let himself be caught.
Not a pleasant line of thinking as far as Tiressa was concerned.
She needed that drink. Yesterday.

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