Thursday, March 17, 2011

Level Up by Lena Austin

Level Up

by Lena Austin

Cover art: Bryan Keller

ISBN: 978-1-60521-605-8
Genre(s): Futuristic

Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More

Length: Novella


Megan's late again, and David is getting tired of waiting on her. However, Megan and her roommates Jared and Michael are going to make it up to David in a big way. They're hoping he'll level up his domestic situation and join them in a never-ending foursome.

When next he awakened, the clock on the bedside table read ten minutes before midnight. Frustration and anger rose in David, but he didn’t know what to do about it. For the moment, they were both stuck in dead-end, poverty-level jobs. He’d been offered a position in The Sphinx Hotel’s famous Amarna restaurant after graduation, but he’d still be the lowest chef on the roster for at least another couple of years. There was nothing to be done until they could afford the tax penalties of pairing off. He might as well go home and beat off in the shower.

The vid screen blared a little loudly, playing some Jazz Era hits from the cable company’s selection of music channels. Dave wondered if Jared and Michael had come back early. They often curled up on the couch together to read while listening to music and then fell asleep there. No matter what, they’d get a notice from the property manager’s office for noise violation if they left the music up that high. Dave tiptoed toward the screen’s control panel. He’d just turn down the sound a notch or two on his way out, and then leave. Quietly, so as not to disturb them if they were asleep, Dave crept softly over the carpeted dining area, then froze in his tracks.

On the floor, Michael and Jared were busily pleasuring one another in a mutual sixty-nine. Naked, with the lights of the fractals on the screen reflecting off their bodies, both men were even more beautiful than he’d thought possible.

At first, Dave didn’t know what to do. The front door was across the living room, and he’d have to step over them to make it to the door. He could of course return to Megan’s room and simply wait there, but he didn’t do that, either. His boots seemed rooted to the floor, his eyes glued to the tableau in front of him.

Dave stood fighting his morals and the wish to give the men he’d begun to call friends the privacy they deserved. Instead, he wanted to watch. He licked his lips. Maybe more. He mentally slapped himself.

Sure, they should have been doing the nasty back in their own bedroom instead of out on the floor of the living room, but Dave understood how sometimes location didn’t matter when things got hot. Really, how easy was it to forget Megan could be home at any moment and that Dave had been asleep on Megan’s bed? Well, okay, maybe they’d never checked the back bedrooms. They were going to have to bolt like a pair of rabbits for the room just as soon as they heard Megan keying in her entrance code.

However, Dave continued to stand right in the entrance to the hall, blocking their way to the bedrooms of the apartment. His gaze remained riveted on the two of them, and his feet refused to listen to the fading voice of his morals demanding weakly for him to go back down the hall. The sight of Jared and Michael giving each other the slow suck, tenderly teasing each other, gave Dave one hell of a woody.

Jared was on top, as usual. He was the more aggressive and outgoing of the pair, cocksure of what he wanted in life and how to get it. His short brown curls winked in the lights of the fractals on the screen, and in time to the slow, moody beat of the jazz. Why hadn’t Dave ever noticed how the dude was in shape, with not one ounce of spare fat on him? Even his ass was smooth and firm. Jared lifted his head to suck slowly upward until his lover moaned beneath him.

Michael was almost sleekly feminine, especially when his longer blond hair was spread out on the carpet like a sacrificial maiden or something. Dave felt a kinship with Michael, who was a professional baker. While Michael mainly made the breads for the bakery, at home he often indulged his artistic side with decorated cakes worthy of weddings and events. Even now, his long, delicate fingers kneaded Jared’s ass until Dave could see the pink-brown hole pucker before Michael’s hands manipulated the smooth globes closed over it again in an erotic game of peek-a-boo.

Hell, Dave wasn’t innocent of the games men played. He’d indulged once or twice during those adolescent explorations in school. Girls were more his thing, but Dave couldn’t deny that he’d enjoyed himself. Dave’s hand crept over to rub his hard-on through his jeans. Megan was good, but even without experiencing the blow job himself, Dave knew Jared was an expert. Michael was no slouch at the sword-swallow routine, either. Dave just forgot one thing. From where Dave stood, his reflection would show up on the glass of the screen, clear as day.

Jared lifted his head from Michael’s cock with a soft pop. His green eyes glittered in the reflected light of the fractals as they exploded and changed to the next song before they focused on Dave over his shoulder. “If you want to watch, then you might as well come in and make yourself comfortable.” There was no malice or hurt anger in his tone, just a mild amusement, like he’d just invited Dave to dinner instead of a peep show.

Dave’s face heated up, so he knew he blushed like a girl. This was worse than being caught by his mother looking at porn on the vid. Mom had laughed at him and cuffed him for not having the protections set higher, but Dave had still been caught literally with his pants down. This time wasn’t much better. “I’m ah… well, um… Sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. I was waiting for Megan and um…”

Michael released Jared’s cock from his mouth and gave it a lick before rolling his head back until his chin rested between Jared’s balls.

Dave wondered what having a five o-clock shadow rubbing your sack felt like and got harder. Then Dave realized he’d started to rub himself again and snatched his hand away like his zipper was on fire.

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