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Feasts of Fortune 2: A Feast of Choice by Kate Steele

Feasts of Fortune 2: A Feast of Choice

by Kate Steele

Cover art: ReneƩ George

ISBN: 978-1-60521-591-4
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Feasts of Fortune
Length: Novella

Page Count: 57

Having survived his first encounter with a vampire, Toby Heaton must make a life-altering decision. His vampire lover has revealed a startling fact. Toby is a rare human, a chrysalis child, one who, should he or she bestow their love on a vampire, can return the vampire's ability to walk in daylight.

With little time to assimilate the information, much less decide if he loves De, Toby is confronted and abducted by his lover's life-long enemy. Placed in an untenable situation, Toby must find a way to deal with a man who could not only end his life, but who threatens everything Toby holds dear.

A Feast of Choice

Kate Steele

All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2011 Kate Steele

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Time to wake, Sleeping Beauty. I wish to have a conversation with you."

Toby Heaton blinked. Regaining consciousness, he arose from a dream-like fog. What became apparent as his vision sharpened made his stomach clench, his breath speed, and his heart pound. He was naked and strapped to a padded table set on an incline. The hospital-like nature of the device holding him was at direct odds with the room in which it was located.

Rows and rows of bookcases provided background for the antique desk looming large before him. To his left was a fireplace with logs ablaze and flickering, and to his right, a sitting area consisting of a loveseat and two matching wingchairs flanked by side tables. The room was warm and had circumstances been normal, he would have found it cozy and welcoming, but no such peaceful sentiments came to mind.

Terror and confusion ruled. A sheen of stress-born sweat broke over his skin, and Toby gasped when the possessor of the voice who'd spoken but moments ago strolled into his line of vision.

"Very good. You are quite the obedient little human. Being so will stand you in good stead -- should you wish to leave here unharmed." The man loomed over Toby, every part of him from his stance to the look in his eyes, intimidating. "You do wish to leave here unharmed, do you not?"

Mouth dry and throat paralyzed with fear, Toby could only nod.

"Mmm, I was sure such would be the case. Very well then, Toby, let's get down to business, shall we? Do you remember who I am? I did introduce myself earlier."

Toby racked his brain, eyes widening when an answer revealed itself. This was the man who'd spoken to him on the street after he'd left the vampire bar, Mausoleum. Swallowing to ease the tightness of his throat, he whispered, "Alec Mikos?"

The man smiled. Despite the situation or perhaps because of it, with all his senses made hyperaware, Toby could not deny Alec's masculine allure -- however much he might wish to do so. His captor was someone who could bear the label of handsome with no difficulty. His features were even, and the type that if sculpted would make the viewer pause to study their beauty. His lips were generous, but not over-full, his cheekbones high and well defined. His jaw line was solid and sturdy, and his nose while straight, had just the slightest indentation above the tip preventing it from running in one smooth line. It was a feature in no way unattractive, but instead added greater character to his face. The irises of his brown eyes bore hints of dark amber flecks and streaks of black. Toby swallowed again, more than disconcerted to be trapped beneath their unrelenting perusal.

Long, layered champagne-blond bangs fell over his forehead, but the bulk of his hair was pulled back into a thick tail, part of which spilled over his left shoulder. The long, silky strands stood out against the dark forest green color of the tailored button-down shirt he wore open over a greenish-gold silk tee shirt. Both those items were filled to perfection by broad shoulders and a firm tapering torso.

"You do remember. How nice," the man drawled. With a light touch, his hand settled at Toby's throat, stroking the tender flesh with his fingertips.

Toby squeezed his eyes closed, waiting for pain. None was forthcoming and with great caution, he opened them again, daring to meet the man's gaze.

"I have no desire to hurt you. Though I must say, seeing the evidence of De Valis' pleasure painted with such boldness on this creamy skin of yours is enough to stir my ire. When it comes to wallowing in carnality, the man's a pig."

Stung by the slur aimed at De, Toby frowned. "He's not. He wasn't like that at all."

"No? You don't believe he overdoes it one little bit? Then what of this place and here and here and here?" The evidence of De's passion was etched upon Toby's body and Alec, having induced one fingernail to grow razor sharp, sliced into each red mark.

Toby cried out, thrashing against his bonds, but to no avail. He could not break them, and so, without recourse, suffered each stinging slash.

Huffing out a sharp breath, Alec relented. "Damn it; see what you made me do? Or rather what Valis made me do? The man has an uncanny knack for making me angry, and he's not even here. My apologies," he mumbled. "Now hold still and let me fix it."

To Toby's everlasting surprise, the man's voice revealed, along with impatience, honest regret. He leaned in and swiped his tongue over each and every injury. In direct opposition to the pain of their infliction, the healing of his wounds sent shivers of warm arousal cascading through Toby's body. The gentle caress of Alec's tongue was soft and sensual and his vampiric charms and pheromones -- those designed to captivate human prey -- did their job, easing Toby's fear while seducing him. Eyes closing, he fought to still the stirring in his groin, but couldn't prevent his wayward cock from responding. That uncooperative organ rose, announcing its utter capitulation and willingness to oblige should Alec wish it to perform.

Healing the final cut, Alec let his gaze linger on Toby's cock. With practiced precision, he licked his red stained lips, and ran exploring fingers down the length of the firm column pressed against Toby's belly. "Sweet," he murmured. "It's good to once again taste the blood of a chrysalis child. Too bad Valis set his stamp on you. I won't be second to that bastard. Ah, well, such is life. Yes?"

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