Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Spartans are HERE!

New from Marteeka Karland

Lysander, Calix, and Thanos are warriors currently patrolling inside the Badlands. Unlike most Warriors, they are not podmates -- at least, Thanos is not. The two older men took him in when his two podmates were killed. The bond among the three of them has grown steadily, but Thanos always holds himself back. He does not share his body freely with the other two men unless the need is so great he can't resist.

Artemis has been watching the trio for some time. She knows Thanos has a horrible secret about the death of his podmates, but knows he's a good man nonetheless. She's also intrigued that these men are truly Spartan warriors, unlike so many second generation Warriors created by the WCGA. That aside, she's drawn to them and knows they are her true mates.

She just hopes she can break through Thanos's grief and guilt before he does something stupid. Like letting himself get killed.


Tall and proud, she was well-muscled like a warrior. Her body was lean and all graceful lines but with enough feminine curves to make his mouth water and his cock rock hard. Long, dark, curly hair graced her head, tumbling down her back, and piercing green eyes seemed to bore into his soul. In that instant, Thanos knew this woman could see every secret he had. More than that, she was every inch the warrior he and his shield mates were.
"Aries’ balls," he whispered in awe.

Moving with grace and sureness, the woman stepped over to the pot of stew Thanos had brewing over the fire and sniffed. Her cloak fluttered behind her, never interfering with her movements. Thanos was struck that, while he was generally aware of his surroundings -- Lysander and Calix were even more aware than he was -- none of them had noticed the bright red cape in the trees above them, or in the lush, green foliage around them. A sure sign she had earned the cape she wore. The idea of a female warrior should have been preposterous. All Spartan women could fight when necessary, but they usually stayed away from battle to protect the children and elderly. Not this woman.

For her part, she seemed to ignore Thanos completely. When she finally spoke, her voice was husky and deep. Not distractingly so, but more like a woman great with need. She had a voice that simply oozed sex. Thanos had to grit his teeth to keep from groaning and sinking to the ground with the sheer force of the sexual tension. And she hadn't done anything even remotely sexually encouraging.

"Looks like a fine meal." She sounded neither interested nor apathetic. It was a simple statement.

"Some think so. Would you like to share our evening meal?" Thanos purposely use the plural "our" so she'd know the others would return soon. She needed to know the whole situation, if she didn't already. He doubted very much she thought he was alone, though. This was a warrior woman. She would likely know everything and enjoy how off-balance it put them.

"Perhaps." She sounded distracted as she moved from the stew around the fire to the interior of their small camp. "I've been in your dreams, Thanos," she stated, as if musing to herself. "Why do you not share your pain with your shield brothers?"

Thanos couldn't have felt more pain if she'd kneed him in the nuts. There was no way he could prevent the show of emotion he knew crossed his face at the mention of his horrible secret. When he recovered enough to find her with his gaze, she looked squarely at him. Watching. Assessing. Strangely, the expression on her face was one of understanding rather than pity or, worse, condemnation.

"Because I'm not sure I trust them."

"No." She advanced on him so quickly, Thanos took a couple of steps back and prepared himself for battle. "You $do trust them, and that's what's eating at you. You're afraid of how they'll react. Afraid they'll look at $you with distrust in their eyes and fear in their hearts when you go into the battles that are inevitable in the Badlands."

She was daring him to call her a liar, daring him to deny it. He couldn't.

"Thanos, I've always figured you for a stout warrior." It was Lysander's voice, but Thanos was so entranced by this woman, he couldn't look at his shield brother. "But it looks like you're frightened by a slip of a woman. Come. Introduce us so that we may share in her company."

At the description "slip of a woman," she smiled an almost vicious smile. Thanos was almost grateful Lysander was about to get his ass kicked, because it saved him from having to answer to her all-too-perceptive statement.

Without warning, she turned and launched herself into the air and straight at Lysander. Had he not stepped back in reflex, she probably would have struck high on his body, perhaps even sailing over thetop of him and at Calix’s feet where he stood a few paces behind Lysander. But she knew he'd move. Knew how far he'd move. Her shoulder caught him square in the gut, knocking the wind from his lungs and landing the mighty warrior Lysander flat on his ass in the dirt.

There was a silence that was almost deafening before Calix burst out laughing. He pointed at the pair in his mirth as the woman sat up, her rump on Lysander's stomach, effectively keeping him from being able to catch his breath too quickly. The smug look on her face said it all.

"I might be a 'slip of a woman,' but I can still kick your ass. You'll do well to remember that." Her voice was again husky and sexy. She didn't offer to get off Lysander, but sat there on his torso, her legs spread on either side of him, her arms draped over each knee. She looked like she'd just downed a trophy animal and was gloating over her kill.

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