Monday, April 11, 2011

The Spartans are coming... EXPLICIT EXCERPT

Badland Warriors: Spartans
by Marteeka Karland

Lysander, Calix, and Thanos are warriors currently patrolling inside the Badlands. Unlike most Warriors, they are not podmates -- at least, Thanos is not. The two older men took him in when his two podmates were killed. The bond among the three of them has grown steadily, but Thanos always holds himself back. He does not share his body freely with the other two men unless the need is so great he can't resist.

Artemis has been watching the trio for some time. She knows Thanos has a horrible secret about the death of his podmates, but he's a good man nonetheless. She's also intrigued that these men are truly Spartan warriors, unlike so many second generation Warriors created by the WCGA. That aside, she's drawn to them and knows they are her true mates.

She just hopes she can break through Thanos's grief and guilt before he does something stupid. Like letting himself get killed.


Calix held his breath. Thanos had taken pleasure from Lysander when the need became too great, but he'd never made it personal. He'd always done what he had to, and that was it. Kissing had been totally out of the question.

This time, however, Thanos lunged for Lysander's mouth. Tongues darted into open mouths, and a second masculine groan joined the sexual music. It was what Calix had been waiting for.

He knelt on the other side of Tia and Thanos. When Lysander ended their kiss, Calix gently turned Thanos's face to him. Calix expected surprise in the other man's face, but he should have known better. Instead, he was met with raw lust a mere second before Thanos's lips met his.

The pleasure and sexual tension was so thick, Calix could have cut it with his sword. When his mouth met Thanos's, it was like the world had caught on fire and exploded all around him. The force of it hit him like a sonic boom. The longer they kissed, the longer the pleasure swirled around them, the stronger the connection between them grew.

Calix quickly lost himself in the sensations. It wasn't just Thanos's lips against his, or his tongue dueling with Calix's. It was the glide of Thanos's cock inside Tia, the erotic sight Lysander witnessed, the sensation of Lysander stroking his own cock, readying himself for what came next.

And suddenly Calix couldn't wait for what came next.

Lysander seemed to feel the same way, because he wormed his big body underneath Tia so that she rested on top of him, her back to his chest. Thanos moved with them, accommodating the new position and the new addition to his and Tia's lovemaking.

Tia sighed and spread her legs, bracing her feet on the floor. Calix moved beside her and offered his cock to her. She accepted with gusto, taking him deep into her mouth.

"Ah! For the love of Athena!" Nothing had ever felt so wonderful. Her mouth was a hot cavern sucking him cross-eyed. All he wanted to do was lose himself in the pleasure, but everything else tickled his senses too.

Tia's pleasure from Thanos and her excitement at what Lysander might do was almost overwhelming him. Thanos too. For the first time since Calix had met the younger man, he embraced their relationship and was on the verge of surrendering to the moment.

Then Thanos stopped moving. Calix almost groaned aloud. Surely he wouldn't stop now.

Lysander chuckled from beneath Tia. "Don't worry, Calix. He's just giving me room to…"

All three cried out, and Calix's eyes really did cross. Lysander and Thanos both filled Tia's cunt. Calix could feel the fullness and almost unbearable pleasure from Tia as they stretched her and gave her clit the most delicious friction from Thanos's pelvis. The way they stretched her pulled back the delicate hood and opened the sensitive nub of flesh so she got the maximum amount of pleasure.

She squealed around Calix's cock, and the humming sensation sent a zing of pleasure all the way to his balls. Sweat erupted over his body, and he fisted his hand in her hair. "By the gods!"

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