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Death Bringer by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Death Bringer

by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Cover art: Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-676-8
Genre(s): Futuristic, Action Adventure/ Suspense
Length: Novella
Page Count: 34

All Tyr wants is a stiff drink and an easy woman. He isn't the hero type. The lost little socialite who wanders into the roughneck cantina is not his problem. Let someone else escort her back to the Sky City where the rich and powerful live.
Only when she starts to get the wrong kind of attention, Tyr can't turn away. Those luscious curves and flame-red hair are like a beacon, and he's not immune. When she tells him what she wants -- well, now, isn't she lucky he's in the mood for a little down and dirty?
How could he know the succulent little Arienne is his next contract, should he choose to take it? And who could guess she's just the woman to bring life to the Death Bringer?
Death Bringer
Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

All Tyr wanted was to finish his ale and find a hot woman willing to spend the entire night fucking. For once, he was Tyr. Not a lethal assassin. Just Tyr. He'd stopped in a little town -- a tiny shit-hole of a place, really -- that was directly beneath the upscale Metro City. He'd hoped to rest before delving into his next job that would take him back into a world of death. He was tired. So very tired.
Even though he was minding his own business and not on the hunt, he'd placed himself in a corner where he could see everyone while he was still swathed in shadow. But even if he'd thrown his cloak over his head and ducked under the table, he would've had to be blind not to see the buxom redhead walking into the cantina. She looked like a woman who was not used to being in this part of the city. She looked more like she belonged in one of the sky cities, not one this close to the surface of the planet. However, those luscious curves made up for a heck of a lot. Whoever she was, he wasn't about to start asking questions.
The cities beneath the sky dwellings were dark, dangerous places, and this cantina was one of the worst. Deciding it would be better to let her find her own way and not invite trouble, he turned back to his drink.
He was a jaded man, but damn, she had his cock half hard just from looking at her. Despite his resolve, he kept casting glances out of the corner of his eyes, watching as she wandered into the place all adorably lost. She seemed not to notice every eye in the bar was riveted to her, and not just from the sensual way her hips swayed. He'd bet her short skirt and fuck-me boots cost more than most of the steely-eyed, questionable types here made in a full moon cycle. It was impossible not to notice several interested roughneck types mentally calculating all sorts of things, which also didn't sit well with him. Why he should care was anyone's guess.
"No way. Not getting involved. She came in here on her own -- she can damned well leave on her own. She should've had better sense." Great -- now he was talking to himself.
There were two bottle blondes with artificial enhancements giving him the serious eye. He could talk them both upstairs right now and forget all about Little Miss All Natural and... Shit, those stiff little nipples were just begging for his lips to cover them, greedily sucking to his heart's content. And those hips! Weren't they just begging to take a rough rider on a wild ride?
He really should concentrate on something else -- anything else. That girl was trouble. Big trouble. Hell, he was wanted almost everywhere on the Godforsaken planet! This woman not only didn't belong here, she was probably running. She screamed innocence. In this place, it was as good as a death sentence. After a very brutal rape, that is. So not the kind of trouble he needed. Chances were good somebody important was looking for her.
That was when he noticed the two Cardilian lizards heading toward her with lust in their eyes -- well, those black slits they called eyes. Those sadistic, slimy green bastards would take what they wanted, then tear her apart with those sharp, razor-like teeth. Tyr's jaw clenched. He was going to do it, go over and save her ass despite knowing it would only lead to more trouble. Maybe if he could get her outside, she'd realize the danger she was in and just go back home to whomever she was running from.
Standing, he pulled his cloak over his shaved head and stalked toward her. He didn't worry about anyone recognizing him -- his assassin role was hidden so deep, only one other person knew who he really was. His only concern was that someone would see him with her. Such sweet, succulent prey was easily noticed, and anyone leaving with her would most definitely be remembered.
That little fact alone would severely delay his next job. Nobody gave a shit while he was just another asshole drowning his issues in gut-rot ale. He glanced at the Cardilians, flashing the tattoo on his arm that indicated his cybernetic enhancements, and grabbed the little, fire-haired woman by the upper arm. Her eyes widened in alarm, and she tried to pull free, but he held on mercilessly.
"What are you doing? Let me go!" The panic in her voice was unmistakable. "I'm meeting someone --"
"Sure you are. It's a little late for fear now, little one," he hissed. "You have no business in a place like this." Deliberately, he swung her around in the direction of the two lizards. They looked as if they had every intention of fighting Tyr for her, even knowing he could break their scaly necks with little effort. Some things were worth fighting for, and this little redhead was definitely one of them. Oh, no, where the hell had that thought come from?
Nope, not gonna happen. He was going to get her out of here, and that would be that.
She trembled beneath his touch. Good. The wench wasn't a total dimwit. She looked up at him with a mixture of fear and excitement in her startlingly green eyes. She should really stop that. He was seconds away from pushing her up against the wall as it was. That body of hers was begging for it. Her breast brushed against his arm, her sweet smell enveloping his senses.
Tyr didn't stop once they were outside. He kept going, practically dragging her behind him. They needed to get to a place of relative safety, which wasn't saying much this close to the surface. Those Cardilians might feel lucky and think the two of them could take him with no one around to break up the fight. It was tricky avoiding the entrances to alleys, and it was imperative he remain aware of their surroundings as well as the woman at his side.
"Where are you taking me?" Her voice was going up in pitch and volume in her fright. Good. She needed to know what kind of danger she was in. She definitely didn't need to be in this part of the city, and she needed to know why.
"I'm going to put you on a train back to the upper levels." And away from him. "You have no business down here." Temptation like this was deadly to a man like him. First came the intense attraction, then BAM! he was lying in an unmarked grave somewhere because he'd been paying attention to her instead of everything around him. He was a man alone, an assassin. He was feared, damn it. Women like her were nothing but problems on top of complications.
"At least come with me."
He stopped then. Maybe she really was a dimwit? Did he look like a fucking escort? "Now, why the fuck would I do that?"
"If you send me back, I'm as good as dead."
Now, that got his attention. "That's a hell of a thing to say. Why would someone want to kill you?"
"It's my fiance. My father agreed to the match because he seemed so in love with me, but it was really all a ploy to get my father's money. If you help me, I'd be willing to pay anything you asked."
Immediately, his half-hard cock sprang to full attention. It happened so fast, he nearly fell to his knees as the blood made a beeline away from his brain.
Didn't that just open up all kinds of possibilities? It brought to mind all kinds of nasty little scenarios. Her on her knees, mouth open, full of his cock. Legs sticking up in the air, ankles resting on his shoulders. Or the best yet, her tied to his bed, wet and open and willing. Hell, at this point, he'd take her any way he could get her.
"I assume you had a plan when you came down here?" His voice had gone husky. He didn't want to scare her off, but it was next to impossible to remain calm when she smelled like she did. He wondered if her pussy would smell as sweet as the rest of her. Or taste as good. His mouth watered at the thought of burying his head between her thighs. She reminded him of the botanical gardens he'd visited topside after the simulated rain. Fresh. Feminine. Innocent. And so damn hot.
Christ! He couldn't think about that, or he really would rip her clothes off and take her where she stood. It would be easy enough to grip her hips and enter her standing up. He'd fuck her for all he was worth, then carry her home caveman style and do it all over again. Unbidden, the image of her sex, covered in a silky down of red curls, popped into his mind, and he actually groaned aloud.
"Well, I was hoping to find someone to escort me back and imply we'd had sex." She looked at him with innocent eyes, and Tyr knew he was looking at her as if she'd grown a second head.
Was she fucking kidding?

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