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Alexis Peters barely escaped Egypt with her life a year ago. The faculty sponsor, along with a fellow student were killed on an academic research visit to Karnak. One of the assisting graduate students, Carson Bonham, was assumed dead.

Yet her fate remains a mystery.

Alexis is the last hope for Carson’s desperate movie star father, Hunter Storme. He begs Alexis to help him find his daughter. The problem is, she doesn’t know what happened to Carson. And she has no intention of returning to Egypt, even for her friend, after her terrifying experience.

That is until a mysterious dream lover beckons to her at night. He promises to reunite her with Carson. He also promises endless pleasure if she will just return to Egypt and to him.

There's something else Alexis doesn’t know. She’s bound to this dream lover -- her savior that night a year ago in Egypt. She’s bound to a powerful and legendary sphinx.

By blood…


"With a rich storyline and characters that leap from the pages, ARDETH & AMENHOTEP doesn't disappoint. Alexis is a strong woman, determined not to back down from a fight or give in to the fears that her experience in Egypt instilled, and she is a suitable mate for a legendary warrior of Ardeth's caliber. Although her stubborn attitude can, at times, place her in the path of danger, it's that very attitude that will help her to survive. Ardeth is a noble man, an Alpha male who is able to appreciate a modern woman while still seeking to bend her to his will. Don't mistake me, Ardeth is not an over-the-top arrogant hero; he's a prime example of the type of man that most women would be very happy to have as their own."

"Hunter Storme is a martial arts expert and a very concerned father and, without him, Ardeth and Alexis may never have come back together. Kahma was Osiris's high priest once upon a time and gives Ardeth the information he needs to assure Alexis's safety. Amenhotep plays such an important role in this book that it's difficult to consider him a secondary character, but this is primarily Alexis and Ardeth's story. Other characters from the Egyptian Lover series make contributions to this wonderful read as well."

"With plenty of action, danger, and scorching hot sex scenes, ARDETH & AMENHOTEP is a sure-fire winner. Though this is the third in a series, it is a stand-alone read, and you shouldn't hesitate to buy it for fear of being lost. But hey, that doesn't mean you won't want to read the two previous books in the series, KAHMA and SOPDET. Stop by Changeling Press and get a book (or three) today." - Lori Ann, RRTE

"Ms. Jordan just keeps the great books coming and this one did not disappoint. This is one of the best books in this series. Ardeth and Alexis are very strong, very believable, likable characters. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a well-written, sinfully hot love story." - 5 hearts, Sandra, The Romance Studio

"Ardeth & Amenhotep is an action packed paranormal read. With evil breathing down her neck Alexis finds safety in the arms of her sexy Egyptian lover. Myths and legends, good and evil, all play valuable roles in this fast paced read. Ms. Jordan has penned a fantastic cast of characters with the legendary sphinx adding to the fresh and fun storyline. Scorching love scenes and Alexis’ ménage with the twins will have readers fanning themselves from the intense heat these characters generate." - 4 Nymphs, Water Nymphs, Literary Nymphs

"Ardeth and Amenhotep is the most erotic story in the Egyptian Lovers series so far. Ardeth must claim Alexis and quickly change her into a creature like himself or the Dark Riders will never stop coming for her. By making love to her, he speeds the change along. When his brother steps in to help the heat level of the story skyrockets. These are two men any woman would dream of being sandwiched between. Alexis is a little fragile at the beginning and slowly emerges as a stronger woman. The writing in Ardeth and Amenhotep is excellent and the plot is very enjoyable. Hopefully Isabella Jordan will continue this amazing series." - 4 1/2 Lips, Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews

The Egyptian Lover series is reputed to be a hot one. _Ardeth and Amenhotep_ more than lives up to that reputation. The characters of Ardeth and Alex are intimately developed. Alex and the other secondary characters were more deeply developed in previous books. The plot is interesting, well explained and fast paced with no lags to interrupt the flow of the story. Ardeth is sensitive to Alex's needs and ranges from a gentle lover to a hungry man who hasn't had sex in more than a hundred years, so it's different every time, but always hot. I felt a low hum of arousal throughout the story with more intensity when the sex started. Ms. Jordan is an imaginative and insightful writer causing the reader to experience the tension, fear and joy of the characters as well as the lust, arousal and love. I enjoyed how fully my senses engaged while reading these books. I can't wait for the next installment!" - 4/5 Stars, Karen Haas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Isabella Jordan continues to delight this reader with the inventiveness and sensuality of her Egyptian Lover series. Egyptian Lover 3: Ardeth & Amenhotep maintains the dark threat of the previous books while delivering a unique, enjoyable story. Readers will find both main characters are easy to understand and likeable. I like how Ms. Jordan has their relationship develop against Alexis and Ardeth’s wishes. However, once their fate is cast, they embrace the attraction and awareness between them wholeheartedly. The resulting love scenes are sensual. The constant threat from Set’s followers and the changes Alexis must confront ensure there is never a dull moment. The added boon of seeing characters from previous stories makes this a Five Angel read." - 5 angels, Amanda S., Fallen Angels Reviews

"Ardeth & Amenhotep is an interesting, sexy addition to the Egyptian Lover stories. I love the characters in this story, especially Ardeth, who is caring and gentle with Alexis. The idea of a man changing into a sphinx fascinates me, and is wonderfully portrayed in this tale. Each book in the series gets better, and I look forward to seeing what Ms. Jordan has in store for this series. I now want Amenhotep to find his own soul mate." - Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed

"Egyptian Lover 3: Ardeth and Amnehotep by Isabella Jordan picks up where Egyptian Lover 2 left off, resuming the story from the viewpoint of Carson’s friend Alexis. Now, when I saw the title of this one, and the two guys on the cover I thought: “Woo-hoo: threesomes aplenty!” Unfortunately, this is not the case. The sex in this book is delicious, varied, and plentiful, but poor Amenhotep only gets to help out once. Ah well, Ardeth and Alex more than make up for it, and I have hopes that Amenhotep will get his moment in the sun eventually. The characters are engaging and sympathetic, but Ardeth and his companions come off as alien and other, just as they should. While the interior dialogue is sometimes a little repetitive, everyone’s reaction to the strangeness of the situation is completely appropriate. Ardeth and Amenhotep are really hot. I hope, if Jordan writes more in this series, that we will get to see more of them." - 4 Roses, Gwen Blair, Sensual Reads and Reviews


“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Alex froze at the gentle sound of his voice and when he turned to glance over his shoulder at her, her breath caught in her chest. She knew him. The half of his handsome face she could see was darkened by shadows but still, she immediately recognized him from somewhere…

“Who are you?”

“Come sit with me.”

Well, there weren’t any signs of the monsters that were normally here in her dreams. Sitting at the fire with him seemed safe enough. Since she didn’t know who or what she was dealing with, she sat on the other side of the fire from him. The only trouble was that put him between her and the exit.

This is only a dream. Remember that.

“Who are you?” Alex tried again. “And why have you been waiting for me?”

Damn, he was nice looking. He was clearly a native judging by his looks and his heavy accent. His eyes appeared black in the darkness of the cave, the flames reflecting in them like unholy light. The features of his face were strong and could have been carved from stone. His black hair just touched his shoulder in thick waves that made her fingers itch to sink into it. The man’s shoulders were broad and the black robe he wore parted just enough in the front for her to see the hard, muscular expanse of his chest and the small golden amulet he wore around his neck.

Wow, she had to wonder if Hunter Storme could kick this man’s ass.

“You are mine.”

The way he stated that as a fact unnerved her. He’d said it with as much certainty as one would say that the sky was blue or water was wet.

“Excuse me?”

“You are mine,” he said, slower this time, emphasizing each word for her. “Do you not remember?”

Remember what? Her heart started racing at the intensity building in those dark eyes. What was he talking about?

Reaching through the flames he grabbed her hand and the instant he touched her images flashed through her mind of the night in the cave.

The creatures that had held her captive were closing in around her. She had no idea what they said in their dark speech but she sensed their patience with her was nearing its end. Alex had known in that moment her time was running out.

When three new beings entered the cave, the scene had erupted into chaos and great violence. Flashes of a creature with a man’s head and a lion’s body and two other men doing battle with the faceless ones tore through her memory. Alex remembered being paralyzed by fear, standing in the center of the terrible battle unable to do anything else but watch in horror.

Then someone grabbed her, just as this man had grabbed her. A glimpse of his face filled her mind. His face, the man on the other side of the fire. She remembered glancing down to see his hand clutching her wrist, a stream of blood running down his strong arm and seeping into one of the many cuts they’d made on her skin.

As quickly as he’d grabbed her, the man released her. There were no signs that the flames had touched his skin though his arm had extended through the blaze for several seconds. All at once, she was returned to the peace of the cave and the tranquility surrounding the fire.

Only she was far from tranquil. The strange man who sat watching her just showed her through a vision that he had been the one who had saved her that night in the cave. He’d been the one to spirit her out though she was pretty certain he wasn’t the one who delivered her to the hospital.

“You saved me,” Alex whispered.

The man nodded, a muscle at his jaw twitching.

“And you think because of that I belong to you?”


Even though it was ridiculous because it was just a dream, Alex found it comforting that he had been there in that madness with her. Someone knew it wasn’t just some grand hallucination of hers.

It wasn’t until that moment Alex realized how angry she was that no one paid any real attention to the cuts and wounds all over her body. The Egyptian authorities hadn’t asked many questions. They wrote it all off as some little American girl wandering through their country in shock. No one had cared to take a closer look, to see if she needed help dealing with any of it. Even the university had merely wished her well, conveyed their sympathy for her experience, and then sent her on her way.

“My blood mingled with yours. I am a part of you now and have been since that night,” he spoke calmly. Again, certainty was heavy in his voice.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Alex demanded.

A corner of his sensual mouth tipped up as he rose from his spot and moved toward her. Alex instinctively began to move away from him, back in the direction of the cave’s entrance.

“It means, fair one, that you will know no respite from me, ever. You can choose to come to Egypt, to me, where you belong. Or you can continue to take your potions to hide from your dreams.”

It’s a dream. Waking up now would be a good thing. Come on.

Just as Alex was about to dart away from him, his hand snaked forward to grab her ankle. She yelped, trying in vain to yank her ankle from his grasp. Yet it was nothing for him to drag her back to him through the sand. She was as helpless as a mouse caught by a cat’s paw.

In the filmy fabric of her nightgown, Alex felt incredibly vulnerable as he hauled her into his arms. His breath was warm against her face, the hot ridge of his cock much hotter against her ass as he settled her in his lap.

“You will never be free of me, fair one.”

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