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WOLF by Dakota Cassidy, Marteeka Karland, Kira Stone, and Sierra Dafoe

Wolf (Collection)

by Dakota Cassidy and Marteeka Karland and Kira Stone and Sierra DafoeCover art: Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-546-4
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Werewolves, Magic
Length: Collection
Page Count: 248

Werewolves are tenacious creatures, hunting their prey -- and their lovers -- with deadly accuracy. Rarely do they miss their mark. Give that wolf a human form and he's almost invincible. Except when it comes to matters of the heart. Their lovers aren't the type to submit easily. It will take all their skills -- both human and lupine -- to get what they want. But then, they never settle for anything less...
Werelock by Dakota Cassidy
Addison Ross agrees to go on an All Hallows Eve pumpkin picking expedition to appease her niece and nephew. Hoo boy does she ever pick a winner. Beneath her pumpkin lies a talisman that brings the delish Caleb Marsden into her life. Caleb Marsden, the werelock...
Wild Ones by Kira Stone
Bitten by a ferocious wolf, Billy's need for solitude leads him to carve out a territory in the Canadian wilderness. Luc's small pack is made up of weres with the ability to control the elements. They need Billy to complete the circle... but first the Wild Ones will have to catch him...
The Witching Hour by Marteeka Karland
Hazel really wants to be the witch her Grandma always said she could be. Unfortunately, though her spells always work, they never quite work the way they're supposed to. Drake, the hunky werewolf next door, has an appetite for a certain witch... and it's all for her own good. After all, who ever heard of a virgin witch?
Wolf Bound by Sierra Dafoe
When Jenna's lover strands her on a ski slope in the Canadian Rockies, an enigmatic lone wolf rescues her -- only to transform into a naked, stunningly sexy man! Now Jenna is faced with a bitter dilemma: if she stays, she'll be putting his life at risk. If she leaves, it's his heart she'll be destroying...
This title is available in print. The novella Werelock was also included in Dakota Cassidy's collection Werecats and Werelocks.
Wolf (Collection)
Excerpt from Wolf Bound by Sierra Dafoe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Sierra Dafoe

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

A low crackling sound roused her, and she opened her eyes, suddenly aware of warmth and light. A small fire burned nearby, sending feeble gleams dancing over the cave walls. Surprised, Jenna lifted her head, looked down at the wolf, and froze.
The wolf was gone. Where he had lain, with her arms wrapped around him, was a man.
Jenna jerked away in shock, sending leaves scattering as she sprang to her feet. He didn't move. He lay on his side, facing away from her, apparently asleep -- and completely naked.
Slowly, she squatted next to him. Shaggy, silver-black hair hid his features, and Jenna stared at him. Where had he come from? How? When? Then another question occurred to her and she spun, scanning the cave. Except for the two of them, it was empty.
"Wolf?" Jenna scrambled to the entrance. The clouds had closed in, completely blocking the moon's light, and she could make out nothing in the blackness. "Wolf? Wolf!" She whirled back to the inexplicable man. If he'd driven Wolf out, wounded, maybe dying...
She shook his shoulder roughly. "Where's the wolf?" she demanded. "Hey! Where's the wolf?"
He rolled onto his back, and she realized he was shivering, his broad shoulders shaking with cold or illness. Something about the way he kept his arm clamped tight to his muscular side gave her the impression he'd been injured.
"Hey!" She shook him again, hard. His shaggy hair slid back from his face, and Jenna shrank back. One high, ivory cheekbone was scored with red, inflamed claw marks.
No. No, that's not possible. That's not...
Then he opened his eyes -- yellow eyes. Predator's eyes. Wolf's eyes.
Jenna screamed.
His pale face clenched at her reaction. He rolled away, curling up onto his side, his broad shoulders hunched like an unhappy child's. Jenna turned, wanting to bolt from the cave -- but where could she go? She didn't even have her coat, for God's sake. It was still under the man...
Under the wolf.
The man shifted, rolling to his feet, and Jenna scrambled back, bracing herself against the wall of the cave. But he merely moved to the fire, crouched down by it, and added another chunk of wood to the flames.
As he studied the fire, she studied him -- the long, silver-black hair, the rippling torso, the broad shoulders with their hard planes of muscle... Everything about him was lean, corded, powerful. She found her gaze dwelling on the firm curves of his ass, and quickly averted her eyes.
He hunkered on his haunches easily, as if he'd never even seen a chair. His arm was still clenched against his side -- but when he shifted, reaching for her parka, she gasped at the sight of the gash that curved down his abdomen.
It wasn't possible. It wasn't...
Jenna moved slightly, and the man glanced over at her, pulling her coat closer around his shaking shoulders. His face was pale, angular, the well-molded jaw leading up to broad, prominent cheekbones. His lashes, so thick and black they looked almost kohled, curved against his ivory skin. Behind his thick, shaggy hair, his yellow eyes gleamed, feral and intent.
There was such force to his features, such a wildness...
"Wolf?" she whispered. His eyes burned into hers.
No, it wasn't possible. But there was no other explanation.

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