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Bunny Tails: Bad Hare Day by Camille Anthony

Bunny Tails: Bad Hare Day

by Camille Anthony
Cover art: Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-705-5
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure/ Suspense, BDSM
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Werewolves
Series: Bunny Tails
Length: Novel
Page Count: 91

Vance's poor bunny can't catch a break.
Ouida's about ready to pull out her hair. She's planned the perfect seduction -- only to find she's too pregnant to fit into her old bunny suit. Then she's mauled by a bear when all she wanted to do was play with the cute cubs, and on top of all that, she finds out the love of her life has been lying to her about the most important thing in the world.
All in all, Ouida's having a very Bad Hare Day.
Bunny Tails: Bad Hare Day
Camille Anthony
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Camille Anthony

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There was a slavering wolf nipping at my heels. I led with a well-placed kick, accompanied by an ear-piercing scream. The beast rocked back on its massive haunches, a comic look of distress covering the hairy face.
I laughed with glee. My plan to target his sensitive hearing had worked like a charm, but I didn't waste time gloating, knowing from past experience how quickly Vance recovered from any attack. Instead, stumbling in my haste to make good my head start, I turned and floundered through the chest-high steaming water, one hand supporting my huge belly.
Since it was the largest of the hot springs, it took me a while to get to the other side. This particular pool extended under the rock enclosure the pack had built to disguise the natural wonder from human trespassers.
Once I reached the edge I was no longer sheltered from the weather. I gulped air through my open mouth as I scrambled up the man-made sloping bank, made slippery from the mix of warm mineral water, rich alluvial soil and melting snow. I didn't have to look back to know the wolf was close at my back. I could hear it panting -- almost feel its heavy breathing falling on the nape of my neck.
Clawing at the dark soil for purchase only to have it sift through my fingers, I pushed on, beginning to panic. The wolf was determined to capture me, and he was gaining. I finally reached the riverbank and flopped face-first onto solid ground, only to feel powerful jaws clamp down on my trailing ankle.
My free foot kicked out at his muzzle, careful not to connect too hard. We were only playing capture, after all, though I was serious about getting back home quickly. Even that kick in the teeth didn't make the wolf release its jaws. One foot still in the wolf's mouth, I rolled over and scrambled farther up the bank on my backside, still protecting my protruding belly. I didn't want my babies' temporary house garnering scrapes from the rocks and gravel hidden under the heavy powdering of snow. But that meant most of my naked body was touching snow or frozen dirt, and I shivered, missing the warmth of my furs.
My nipples were standing at attention, but it wasn't from arousal. It was too damned cold this morning for outside fun and games. If Vance hadn't accidentally knocked me into the pool before I could undress I'd be warm... at least, warmer than I was now. I'd also be more willing to play his game of chase. Lastly, I wouldn't have to go around with my hair turned kinky since he got it wet.
Starting at my captured foot, Vance worked his way up my body. He took his time, cold, wet muzzle and hot, rough tongue poking at and flicking over vulnerable spots along the way. It tickled, and I couldn't help giggling. I bit my lip, tried to swallow the childish sounds, but ended up wailing with laughter. I hate it when Vance tickles me -- and I know he does it on purpose -- because I have no defense against him when he does that. I'll laugh till I pee myself. Vance thinks that's the coolest thing since indoor plumbing and considers it my way of signaling submission. I think it's sooo not sexy...
"Vance, stop that. Bad boy! Bad!" Giggling harder, I pushed at his head. Ignoring the sharp teeth snapping close to my fingers in warning was a no-brainer. We both knew damned good and well he'd never close down hard enough to do real damage. Just in case, though, I decided to bring out the big guns. "If I laugh too hard, I might go into labor and drop your pups right here in the snow!"
Suddenly I was blanketed with warmth from head to toe as daddy wolf ceased teasing me and stretched out over my shivering body. Ha! Playing the baby card works every time. Vance is such a sucker for a female in need.
Snuggling up to him, I practically purred. His fur had shed the water from the pool and was dry against my skin. I was so jealous of how he could do that, but for once, I kept my complaints to myself and wrapped my arms and legs tighter around him, basking in the warmth radiating from my own personal heater. "Hhmmm..." I moaned, curling closer in an attempt to escape the cold ground at my back. "This is nice! If only you could warm both sides of me at once."
His rumbled growl of contentment vibrated through me from head to foot. I shivered, but this time not from the cold. Gods, he felt wonderful on top of me. I love it when he covers me like this, his muscular, furred body pressing down along my full curves. He makes me feel more like a woman, dainty and feminine. At the same time, I was thankful for my hefty build. There was no fear of being crushed by my man lying full out on top of me, and my Vance is a big, big man, but in wolf form he is huge.
Starkor, a Forester pack member who also happens to be a brilliant quantum physicist, keeps trying to explain it to me. You might have heard of him... Then again, probably not. When Westyn ascended as pack alpha, he reverted to the rules he'd grown up with and forced Starkor and other high-ranking scientists to resign their high security jobs and return to the pack. Starkor's continued inability to make me understand the math is driving him crazy. To my mind there is no explanation. It just is, and I'm okay with that.
A warning nip on the tip of my chin brought me back to the here and right now. I looked up to see my wolf staring down at me through wild, lupine eyes, and just for a moment it was hard seeing past the animal. Then one lid lowered in a slow wink, and I recognized my mate's irreverent humor glinting in his silvery-blue gaze.
Something else glinted there, something hot, wicked and not entirely tame -- an invitation to seduction. This was what our morning play had been leading up to: a hot winter romp out under a pale frosty sky while surrounded by nature's chilly splendor. The only breathing life was Vance and me on a melting bed of snow...

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