Monday, October 24, 2011

Paranormal Mates Society Vol 1 by Dakota Cassidy and Rachel Bo

Paranormal Mates Society Vol. I (Collection)

by Dakota Cassidy, Rachel Bo, Willa Okati and Lacey Savage
Cover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-683-6
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Paranormal Mates Society Multi-Author
Length: Collection
Page Count: 280

Welcome to Paranormal Mates Society, where finding the love of your life is supernatural, super easy.
Tired of squeamish humans passing you over because blood is your beverage of choice? Are your fins fed up with the goldfish bowl of dating? Did the devil make you give up on ever finding your soul mate? Long to soar to the heavens with the match of your dreams? Log on to!

Vamps masquerade as werewolves, fire serpents melt the hearts of Yetis, a psychic tames her genie -- it's Satan's own online dating service, and chaos has never been quite this hot!
This anthology contains the previously released Paranormal Mates Society novellas Matchmaker's Match, Finders Keepers, Long Tall Furry, and Chunkybuttfunky.
Paranormal Mates Society Vol. I (Collection)
All rights reserved.
Excerpt from Long Tall Furry by Rachel Bo
Copyright ©2011 Rachel Bo

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
Goss grabbed her bag and led her to a snow-treaded, heavy-duty all terrain vehicle built exactly to his specifications. Sinna's eyes widened, but she said nothing as he handed her a helmet and climbed on board. She pulled the helmet over her head and hopped on behind him. "Let's go!"
He couldn't help showing off, gunning the motor and doing a three-sixty before they shot up the side of the mountain.
The wind's roar and the engine's rumble were all he could hear, music to his ears as they skated over the brittle snow toward his home. He almost forgot Sinna was there, until her arms tightened painfully around his middle and she yelled "Stop!" in his ear.
Goss killed the engine, sliding to a standstill. Sinna slid off the ATV, and stood in the knee-deep snow, panting heavily.
"Are you all right?" He thought she was scared, until she raised her eyes. The pupil was now a vertical slit, and her topaz irises rimmed in red. Astonished, he sat there unbelieving and watched as she tore at her clothes, kicking off her sneakers, peeling away her skin-tight jeans, tossing her thick sweater over her head.
There she stood, in all her jet-black glory. Goss swallowed, painfully aware of the bulge at his crotch.
"Fuck me," Sinna hissed. "Please."
Under any other circumstances, Goss would have turned and raced in the opposite direction. Yet those eyes, those inhuman, mesmerizing eyes were begging him to understand. There was pain there, and the promise of an explanation, but what she needed now was the one thing his body was all too eager to give her.
With a growl, Goss leaped to the ground and gathered her up in his arms.
Her lips, so hot against his, tasted of spikenard. Just like the Himalayan herb, Sinna was precious and rare, a prize to be cherished and guarded for all of his days. He grunted in surprise at his reaction. But God, she was sweet. Soft in all the right places, and yet firm and hefty in his embrace. With this woman, there was no fear of breaking her.
He shifted one hand to grip her shoulder, bending her back so that his tongue could savor the rapidly beating pulse at her neck. Moaning, she reached up, tangling her fingers in his hair, dragging his head to her breast.
Goss opened his mouth, covering the midnight-hued pearl of her nipple, drawing it deep into his throat. Sinna whimpered, arching, pressing into him.
Gods, but she was hot! Literally feverish. Her flesh where it touched his burned like wildfire, making him ache, but it was a delicious pain, a sensation that sent pleasure spiraling down to his groin. Supporting her with one arm, he reached down and ripped off his khakis, groaning with relief as this freed his painful erection.
"Now," Sinna cried. "Please, do it now!"

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