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Badland Warriors: Comanche by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Badland Warriors: Comanche

by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod
Cover art: Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-703-1
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action Adventure/ Suspense
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Bisexual and More
Series: Badland Warriors
Length: Novel
Page Count: 97

Aylen has devoted her life to educating children. Determined not to recycle the myths the government force-feeds the populace, she prides herself on teaching her students the truth about the government and the history of humanity.
But then a myth shows up at her door. Trapped in a horrible earthquake, Aylen is rescued by First Generation Warriors. They shouldn't exist! And they certainly shouldn't make her blood boil and her heart melt. One, touch and Aylen's life will never be the same.
In the Badlands you can scream all you want... with pleasure.
Badland Warriors: Comanche
Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

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Beads of sweat dotted Baer's skin as he sat in the small adobe sweat lodge behind their quarters, surrounded by the others in his Triad. Something was wrong, seriously wrong, yet none of them could sense danger to the compound, the tiny patch of quasi-civilization the First Gen Warriors had worked so hard to create in the middle of natural chaos. The powers that had come to them, slowly at first, then with a vengeance once they'd been mated, let them see -- or more accurately feel -- into the future. It didn't always work that way for an individual's life or path. If it had, perhaps they wouldn't have lost their mate and their children almost a century ago.
At the thought of their lost wife and children, Baer's heart welled with sorrow. Things had been volatile then. Different. There had been no safe haven for Warriors. When the WCGA realized the offspring being produced by First Generation Warriors couldn't be controlled, the killings began, and very few survived unscathed. The children who were too old to be "re-educated" had been taken away, tossed into government-run orphanages with no knowledge of their own heritage. All special abilities had been forced down into the psyche so deep that they had been forgotten. The women -- mates to proud Warriors -- had been slaughtered. The massacre spared no one, and only a handful escaped to live in silent desperation, eventually dying without the other parts of their souls.
No. He would not relive it all again. Not now. There was potentially too much at stake for him to be distracted. There was someone... someone they needed to find. It was imperative they do so, and soon. That was all Baer knew for certain.
The others chanted softly, and Baer pulled his thoughts back to his Triad, shoving the past firmly in the back of his mind where it belonged. If they were to have a successful Spirit Walk, he had to empty his mind and open himself to the spirit world and to his Triad.
The three of them sat in a circle surrounding a large pot of burning incense. Fragrant smoke full of sage and lavender hovered above them like a blanket, allowing them to focus their spirits and see into the moving future. That was the folly of a future Spirit Walk. What they saw was only a small number of possibilities. The future was always in motion. Each thing they did to get there affected the outcome.
Naked, cross-legged, Baer looked to Tyger and Wulf in his mind. The three tuned themselves perfectly to each other during this time. They were one, pooling their strengths and power to tap into the spirit world. In this form, they could talk to the ancients who came before them, spy on their enemies, or find the source of the disturbance plaguing their dreams. It cost them, though. The merging of their minds demanded the merging of their bodies as well, though Baer didn't see it as much of a sacrifice. It was almost a compulsion. At times, even weeks after a Spirit Walk, Baer sought out one or both of his Triad for relief. This time, the need would be much worse -- he knew it in his very being.
Baer knew they looked for a person. Finding one person in the entire world would take intense, prolonged concentration. Sexual need was but a byproduct, one he thoroughly enjoyed.
In a dream-like haze, Baer let himself slip into the others. Their minds merged until they were not three but one. Images flew by with blinding speed, unfocused and impossible to distinguish or separate. Experience had taught Baer not to try. Images of importance would reveal themselves as they came along. Through the haze of color and lights in the vision, an image of the open sea appeared, clear and sharp. More so than if they'd actually been there. The intensity of it hurt his eyes. More than that, he could smell the salt in the air, hear gulls crying, waves crashing. Sea spray wet his body and clung to his hair. He could hear the creaking of wood as if he were on a boat before the image flickered and faded into a white, blinding light.
His first instinct was to fight the intensity of it, but he held himself strong in body and mind. He didn't flinch as one scene blended into another and he was looking at steel and concrete. Children laughed and called to one another before a deafening rumble drowned out all sound, shaking his insides until he thought his organs would liquefy.
Then there was silence.
What did it mean? Spirit walks could be incredibly helpful. More often than not they were infuriatingly vague. Just as he thought the images would stop, a pair of bright, deep blue-green eyes framed by long, dark lashes came into focus. They were delicately slanted, with the barest of dark liner around the lids. Flecks of copper and bronze sparkled in their depths, flickering as the light played across their surface. Deep in the pupils, he and his Triad were reflected.
Immediately, Baer was drawn to those eyes. They were obviously female, but it was more than that. He knew, deep in his soul, they must find this woman. She was in some way very important. Whether it was to the community or to them personally, Baer didn't know. But the pull he felt toward her, the pull they felt toward her, was a force they had no hope of resisting. Not unlike the first time they had seen their mate.
With a great whoosh the vision was sucked into the incense pot in the center of their circle. The air seemed to pull at them; their hair whipped around their faces as if in protest of the woman leaving. Whatever their future held, the one thing Baer was certain of was the woman. It was imperative they find her and bring her back to the compound. She was too important to send anyone but seasoned Warriors, ones who knew how to use their gifts. Besides that, it just felt wrong to even think about anyone else going to her...

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  1. thanks so much to all of you who have expressed your enjoyment of this series! it's a blast to write. Thanks also to Shara, who came up with the idea in the first place. LOVE YA CHICK!!! *HUGS*