Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Swan Lake And Dancing For Her Demon

Larissa, the virgin heroine of Dancing For Her Demon, is a ballet dancer. Although she doesn’t dance professionally, she is trained in ballet and continues to dance. I’m not a dancer but I do love ballet.

The first ballet the hubby and I saw was the classic Swan Lake. The hubby gave me tickets to the ballet as an early birthday present. We were both working crazy hours and multiple jobs, and the only time we could find to attend a performance was during the week, after our day job. We were exhausted but we dressed up, ate a fast slice of pizza for dinner, and headed to the ballet.

We settled into the cheap seats, in the last row, right against the wall. Once the ballet started, the dancing mesmerized me. I found the lack of singing and talking a bit eerie (I’m a writer, my life revolves around words) but the movement was amazing.

Half an hour into the ballet, my dear exhausted hubby was leaning forward in his chair, snoring loudly. I was a little embarrassed until I looked down the row. Every second attendee was sleeping! I caught the eye of the ballet loving man beside my hubby and we shared a laugh because his boyfriend was fast asleep also. My hubby later told me it was the best sleep he’d had in months!

Once the hubby woke up, he had me in stitches, laughing (also a no-no at the ballet). The core story is a Prince falls in love with a white swan. My hubby’s comment? “These interspecies romances never work out.” The Prince is tricked into mistaking a black swan for his white swan. My hubby’s comment? “And you think I don’t pay attention. His swan is a completely different color and he didn’t notice!”

We’ve seen ballets since Swan Lake but this was our first and will always have a special place in my heart.



By Cynthia Sax
Now Available From Changeling Press

Dancing For Her Demon

Although Larissa is a virgin, she knows exactly whom she wants. She wants Julian. Her father's right-hand demon, however, still views her as a child. Determined to provoke the rage demon's darker passions, Larissa struts on stage at a local strip club and shows him how grown up she really is.
Julian has spent years proving he is the right mate for Larissa. He has one task left. He must go to a strip club and subdue a rival demon. Then Larissa takes the stage, the audience goes wild, and all of Julian's careful planning is blasted to bits by the heat of desire.

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  1. Shelby Morgen1:57 PM

    That's perfect! I can SOOO see my darling DH in the slearer's role!

  2. Virginia E6:33 AM

    When I was in college, the Trocks (Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo) came and performed.

    It's impossible to take a dying swan seriously after you've seen a male dancer, in the classic ballerina costume and on full pointe, littering the stage with moulting feathers as he dances the classic choreography.