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Saturday Book Diver Interviews Luc Moline from The Air I Breathe by Megan Slayer

Hello! Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver. Each weekend I magically dive into fictional worlds for interviews with unique and sexy characters.

Tonight I'm in the hotel room of Luc Moline from the band Glow. Despite long hours on the road during this grinding tour, Luc appears relaxed as he lounges on a plush couch, sipping from a glass of wine. He's wearing leather pants and a T-shirt that shows off his muscular arms. With his dark hair and sexy eyes, he's even more handsome in person than on video or in pictures. Unfortunately for single guys out there, rumor has it that his heart is taken.

He watches me with discerning eyes and I feel a bit apprehensive. There's an underlying sadness to this guy who appears to have everything -- fantastic looks, talent, and success.

SBD: Hi, Luc. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me tonight.

Luc: I'm glad to be here. Always happy to talk to a lovely lady. Thanks for having me.

SBD: [Normally I remain impartial, but I can't help being charmed by this guy.] I know you've had tons of interviews that focus on music and Glow. Tonight I'd like to get a bit more personal. How would you describe yourself? Tell us what kind of a man you are.

Luc: On stage I'm very extroverted. I like being the center of attention. But when I'm off stage, I'm more low-key. I like to be comfortable and exist. When I'm at home, I'm happy to veg out and just be. If I'm working on music, then look out. I'm really focused and grumpy. But hey, music is my second love.

SBD: I've heard you're close friends with Taygan, a wind elemental. Will you confirm or deny that and possibly explain exactly what a wind elemental is?

Luc: I'm very much involved with him. He's one of my best friends. But you also asked what a wind elemental is. He can garner the wind. Yep. And when he's turned on, Tay whips wind through the room. It can get rather chilly, but in the midst of sex, it's refreshing to have that breeze. And yes, that's my wicked grin.

SBD: [The temperature in the room just shot up and I resist the urge to fan myself.] Since we're being candid, what happened between you guys at Christmas?

Luc: I asked Santa for my heart's desire. He gave me Tay. We came together and it was like a beautiful explosion. Sexy, hot, and disastrous. Makes me love Christmas even more.

SBD: What's one thing about Tay that you find irresistible?

Luc: His smile. The guy tries to be all sly, but when he smiles, I know exactly what he's thinking.

SBD: Is there anything in particular you'd like readers to know before I leave you to get some rest?

Luc: It was printed in a fan magazine that I write music in the bath tub or in the nude. While those both sound like fun, neither is true. I write music with my clothes on because I am more than likely in a social situation. My attention span is all over the place so I'm constantly thinking about what I can put into a new song. So I might be at a restaurant and writing music. Can't really be at a restaurant in the buff.

SBD: [How can you not love this guy?] Thank you for that glimpse at the songwriting part of your career, Luc. Would you share one of your favorite excerpts from The Air I Breathe?


"Don't you go to sleep on me. I'm nowhere near through with you."

Luc's voice ripped Tay from his haze. "Sorry."

"Scoot forward." Luc tapped Tay's shoulder. "Lemme get behind you."

Tay complied, not totally sure how he managed to move. Luc smoothed his hands around Tay's ribs and pulled him into the curve of his body.

"You're not much warmer." Luc rested his chin on Taygan's shoulder. "Start from the beginning and don't leave a thing out."

Taygan sagged into Luc and closed his eyes. Tears pricked behind his eyelids. The beginning. Try about the time he'd first met Lucien Moline. Tay sighed. "It's complicated."

"I like complicated. It's my best riff." Luc rubbed a washcloth over Tay's chest. "Talk to me."

"Things started to go off the rails when I first met you." Taygan swallowed past the lump in his throat. "My world spun out of control."

"I'm a bad influence," Luc cooed. "You like it."

"I do, but I don't understand it. I don't." The words poured out faster than Taygan could dam them up. "When we're together, I'm stronger. My element is lighter and I'm happy. But then it gets too strong or heavy or whatever it is, and I can't stand it. I have to move. I want to stay and have our life right here, but I can't control it. Deep down in my soul, I don't want to leave you. I want to be right here in your arms, and every time I have to leave, I know you're sick of me going. One day you're not going to take me back, and it scares me shitless." Tears streamed down his cheeks and his voice cracked. "I'm scared."

Luc drew a long breath and let it out slowly. He wrapped his arms around Taygan, squeezing tight. "Can I at least help you figure out the riddle you keep talking about?"

"By all means." Taygan threaded his fingers with Luc's and rested his forehead on Luc's temple. "Last Christmas was the strongest I've ever felt."

Chuckling, Luc ground his pelvis against Tay's ass. "We've got part of this thing figured out."

"We?" Taygan's cock thickened, and heat washed through his body. Trust

Luc to truly warm him through and through. Goddess, he loved Luc.

Luc nodded. "We have the best time in bed -- or in this case the bathtub."

SBD: Luc, thank you again for taking time out of your tour to give fans this sneak peek into your life.

A bodyguard escorts me out of Luc's room and as I reach the door I glance over my shoulder for one more look at the fascinating musician. I see him talking to an adorable sandy-haired, blue-eyed man who must have been waiting in the adjoining room. It seems that I've unfortunately missed the chance to talk to Taygan. Hopefully another time.

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  1. What a great sneak peak! I would love to read more.,
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  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, Debby! Luc and Tay are a great couple.

  3. Thanks Kate for doing a fun interview with them and Thanks Debby for stopping by!! You can find more of Tay and Luc in The Air I Breathe and Wrapped Around (White Hot Christmas). :-)