Monday, June 17, 2013

Once Upon a Demon

My very first story for Changeling Press was about a demon. Seriously. It's called The Magic Touch, and it's about a witch named Trinity and her very own demon.
So, I was tickled at the chance to write another demon story when the demon at the door flash challenge came along. These days it's a shared universe called Soul Debt, and my contribution is called Opportunity Knocks.

Here's the official blurb!
Jordie owes all of his success in the music business to a deal he made years ago. Now the time has come to pay part of his debt, and the beautiful male demon who shows up at his door seems just the guy to collect. Mal is not just your average debt collector, though. He has secrets of his own, which he'll be happy to share, if only rock star Jordie can believe in him.
It was such a joy to work on a story like this. I love musicians, and I got to explore the songwriting process a little. I also got to play the horny demon angle, which is always a hoot. I write a lot of shifters, so demons give me more magic to work with, more spontaneity.
Here's an excerpt not on the cart anywhere! NOT safe for work
Please.” He hated begging, but that was exactly what he was already doing. It had taken, what, three seconds to get there?
Mal’s laughter was at least more husky than mocking, and the fingers around his cock felt perfect. They rocked together for a moment, just jonesing on the touching. It would get way more intense and he knew it.
“Quit anticipating. Just let it happen.”
Like he could do that. Still, that touch was so fine, so good, and he arched into it, asking for more. His breath started to come hard and fast. Jordie shook, a song beginning to blossom in the base of his skull. Thank -- well, not God. No, this was demon born, but he didn’t care. He had to be able to make music. Had to. It was the biggest thing in the universe, more necessary than breathing.
“Better, huh?” Mal breathed against his ear, so hot, like fire.
“Better,” Jordie agreed, pressing back, demanding more. The magic swirled around them. It was crazy, how this worked, how fucking sexy this was.
Those hot demon’s hands slid over his skin, stroking, stoking the fire. His clothes fell away, almost scorched as they fluttered to the ground. Jordie let his skin rub Mal’s, feeling like he might go up in flames. Fuck, he knew he’d been hot for it before, but this... This was fiery.
“See? All you have to do is let go, baby.”
Jordie shivered when Mal called him baby, the fantasy really going strong. His balls felt tight, his belly aching with a harsh, undeniable need. Mal was so thick against him, so hard, and Jordie moaned, knowing it would take everything he had to take that demon cock.
“You’ll stretch for me, baby. I know it,” Mal said.
“I will.” Panting, Jordie pushed back, feeling like the biggest slut, but he couldn’t stand to lose the thread of the new song. There was a hook coming, a melody, and he needed the rush. Now.
Mal bit him, right on the join of neck and shoulder, those teeth too damned sharp to be human. He cried out, toes curling, and the song exploded in the base of his brain. He barely felt his come sliding from his cock. He felt it when Mal slid a finger inside him, though, not letting him get soft for a moment.
“Sweet,” Mal murmured. “Tight.”
One finger became two, became three, and he was going to scream with it. “Full,” Jordie countered, his hole stretching impossibly. Mal was huge, though, so he was glad for the extra prep.
“You have no idea.” That fat cock started pushing into him, spreading him, stretching him.
“Mal! Oh, please.” He pushed back, bearing down, the burn fucking perfect enough to steal his breath. The feel of that thick cock pressing him open made him pant harder, made his cock start to pulse with his blood one more time.
Sharp nails pinched his nipple, scratched down his belly, and Jordie twisted. God, he could hear that song, and it was gonna be a rocker, fucking sexy, the beat driving the melody right into the top forty. Mal was going to be an amazing font of music, he could tell.
Those long fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezed, and Jordie went up on tiptoes, his cock so hard it was like he’d never come. Damn. Damn, he’d never wanted this badly before. He hummed, the music too big to contain.
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