Saturday, January 11, 2014


Who loves dragons? I always have, but have been afraid to write them because some of my favorite writers dabble in them. I finally took the plunge while writing my next book for Changeling, called Elemental Ops.

There's nothing new under the sun, I know, and dragons have been explored infinitely, so what I tried to do was work a new angle around them, and man, did it open a can of worms. I love that, when you have an "iceberg" story, where you write and write and know you haven't even seen what's below the surface.

In this case, my dragon Guardian, named Keon, falls for a Black Ops agent who's come to investigate what might be a new biological weapon...

The first book, Elemental Ops: Ice, comes out next month!

Ice has a whole story of his own, being the elemental operative. Y'all met him (I hope you did, anyway)in the last Mixed Breeds story.

If you haven't read Damon's story and met the Elemental Ops team, you can find those here!

Hope you'll take the ride with me!



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