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Interview with Dr. Shane Lawson from Clutch Wars 3: Sub Rosa by Mychael Black

What kind of job do you have?
Official or unofficial? *Shane grins* Officially, I’m head of a rather secretive lab that conducts research on various types of blood, supernatural and natural. Unofficially? I’m a cage fighter.

Describe yourself in three words.
*Shanes laughs* Kinky, headstrong, dominant.

Who is your love interest? 
Mason Navarro, a dragon and fellow cage fighter.

Tell us about your first kiss with Mason.
First, I must tell you about dragons. You see, dragons mate once, and only death can break such a bond. When a dragon meets his or her mate, there is an electric discharge, so to speak. It sparks between the dragon and the mate. Most people would assume the mate would be another dragon, but I can assure you that it is not the case. Now, as for the kiss… That came after our first fight. We’d seen one another many times, but no until did we hit the ring together did we realize what we were to each other. After the fight, I caught Mason alone. I simply didn’t give him the chance to refuse. It’s not in my nature to be passive—something Mason discovered quickly when I pinned him to a wall and shoved my tongue down his throat. He was quite shocked, I must admit. But he gave as good as he got.

List three things about Mason that turn you on. 
Only three? Hmm… His submission, his kiss, his tail.

Do you like using sex toys?
*Shane laughs* My dear, when do we not like to use toys? We live a Master/sub life—toys are a great part of that. Whips, chains, floggers, dildos, cuffs—all of it.

Top or bottom?
Now there is an interesting question. If you are referring to being fucked or doing the fucking, then I switch. I love feeling Mason inside me, even though I control every second of it. However, if you are referring to the lifestyle we live, then I am a Top—a Dom—at all times.

How did you and Mason meet? 
In the cage. We are both fighters in a fight club, and we met in the ring itself.

Do you have any pets? 
*Shane chuckles* A pet dragon named Mason.

Who is your arch enemy?
I’m not sure I could tell you. At over two thousand years old, I’ve stopped caring who hates me. Oh, there are people out there who probably would love to see me dead permanently, but I’d like to see them try.

Whipped cream or Marshmallow? 
As a vampire, I don’t consume food—unless you count Mason’s blood. But, if I had to choose, I would say whipped cream. Can you imagine the beauty of the pure white over skin the color of dark chocolate?

What is the craziest place you and Mason have made love? 
The training room at Bryn Navarro’s mansion. Mason had always been so nervous and leery about doing anything where we might be seen, primarily due to the fear of losing his fight job. He surprised me that day, I must say.

Would you call yourself golden or a bad boy/girl? 
*Shane grins* I’m sure I have elements of both, though some people may advocate for one over the other. I myself think I’m more…middle of the road.

How about Mason? Is he/she golden or a bad boy/girl? 
Mason, despite his temper at times, has a heart of pure gold. You wouldn’t think a cage fighter could be gentle, but I have seen him capture a butterfly in his hand, then release it unharmed. He is a truly magical being.

What's your idea of a romantic evening?
Chains, a whip, plenty of lube.

A relaxing bath or a long, hot shower? 
I’m not terribly picky, to be honest. We’ve done both. Though, I have to admit, I do love reclining back against my dragon.

Are you a night person or a morning person?
You may be surprised to learn that some vampires—such as myself—are diurnal. We are able to function quite well in daylight. That said, I still prefer the night.

What's your favorite food?
Well, that’s easy. Mason. Especially right when he climaxes.

What do you like to do in your free time? 
I have very little truly free time. If I am not in the lab, I am at the fight club or with Mason.

What do you like to wear to bed? 
Absolutely nothing. Clothing gets in the way when the urge to mount my dragon hits.

Boxers or briefs? 
Commando. Mason loves the way my cock feels through my slacks when I’m hard.

You and Mason are stranded overnight in a cabin. What would you do to pass the time? 
Find rope and a good, sturdy place to tie Mason up. After that, well… Would you get bored with a muscular dragon to play with?

Do you have any tattoos? 
I do not, though Mason has a few.

Would you share the blurb from your story?

Mason Navarro fled his brother's clan years ago and made a name for himself as a premier fighter in an underground fight club. Dr. Shane Lawson is a world-renowned scientist specializing in vampires and various matters relating to blood. When Bryn Navarro comes seeking help, neither man can refuse him.

The clan is readying for all-out war with a demonic force hellbent on wiping them out. It's going to take Mason's training and Shane's knowledge to keep them all from succumbing to the dangers of demonic blood. But demons don't play fair, and Mason Navarro is forced to make a decision: stay hidden in the closet, or save the man he loves more than life itself.

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