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Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Wedding - Witches and Wolves by Saloni Quinby

There's something about a wedding that makes people want to find love of their own. It's even more tempting when you meet another guest who's tall, tanned and absolutely gorgeous.

That's exactly how Nate Collins felt on the day of his best friend's wedding. He stood beside Devin as he married the love of his life, Caleb. If a ballet dancer and a carpenter could find love together, then maybe there was a chance for Nate too, despite the fact that he'd sworn off relationships.

Throughout the ceremony, Nate found it difficult to keep his eyes off another guest. Bruce Johanson looked like a Viking reincarnated. Perhaps he was, Nate thought with a smile. Tall and powerfully built with reddish-blond hair and blue eyes, Bruce had a deep, sexy laugh that made Nate want to jump into his arms. Talking the hunk into past life regression therapy might be an interesting way to break the ice.

After the ceremony that took place in the living room of Devin and Caleb's townhouse, Nate sat in the kitchen with his plate of buffet food. The caterer had done a great job with the stuffed mushrooms, Nate's favorite. While most of the other guests ate in the spacious living room, Nate needed some time to himself for reflection. He couldn't be happier for Devin and Caleb. They'd gone through so much over the past year, not to mention the other struggles Devin had endured before he met Caleb. Nate was overjoyed that he'd found a good man who truly loved him. Devin deserved it.

Though he hated the pain the couple had suffered when Caleb had been accidentally possessed by a sex demon, or life spirit as they preferred to be called, Nate was in a way relieved. Prior to that incident, Devin hadn't believed in the supernatural. It was an important part of Nate's life that, until recently, Devin hadn't been able to truly share. Now both Devin and Caleb took his "New Age" beliefs seriously and had taken the time to learn more about them.

A shadow fell over Nate and he glanced up from where he sat in a chair by the door leading to a small backyard. His heart skipped a beat at the sight of Bruce looming over him. He'd changed out of his jeans and sweatshirt and into a suit for the ceremony. Now he'd discarded his tie and opened enough buttons on his shirt to expose a hint of his sculpted chest dusted with glittering, reddish-blond hair.

"Hey, handsome," Nate said, not even trying to disguise his attraction.

When they'd met earlier that day, the gorgeous Viking had responded well to Nate's flirtation. Almost too well. Nate tingled with a combination of anxiety and anticipation. If Bruce decided to make a move, would he be ready for it? He'd sworn off relationships, but not sex. Fucking a man one night didn't mean they'd have to walk down the proverbial aisle tomorrow, right?


"What are you doing here by yourself?" Bruce asked.

Nate shrugged. "Just thinking."

Bruce dragged a chair closer to Nate and straddled it backward. "What about?"

"Well, you ask a lot of questions," Nate said, staring at Bruce with practiced
bedroom eyes.

The Viking grinned. "It's a good way to get answers."

Returning his smile, Nate said, "True."

"This is pretty cool. A Halloween wedding."

"Well, they met just before Halloween last year."

"So I heard."

"You were in Canada?"


"Doing what?"

Bruce winked and returned Nate's words. "You ask a lot of questions." Nate cast him a sidelong glance and Bruce chuckled and said, "I was visiting family."

Nate glanced at his plate and picked up a mushroom. "Aren't you eating?"

"I did. Haven't tried one of those, though."

"They're the best. Want one of mine?"

Bruce edged closer, his blue gaze burning into Nate's. He nodded and moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue. A little shiver of desire rolled through Nate. Not caring if it seemed a bit forward, he offered the mushroom to Bruce. He didn't hesitate before leaning near and using his mouth to take it from Nate's fingertips.

The mere sight of the hunk's lips so close to his skin made Nate's cock leap in his pants. "Thanks," Bruce said, his voice huskier than before.

"Any time."

Nate had actually lost his appetite. Fantasies of making love with Bruce overshadowed everything. "You can have the rest if you want." Nate offered Bruce his plate. He took it, but placed it on a nearby countertop, his gaze never leaving Nate's. They didn't speak for several heartbeats. The attraction between them was so intense Nate felt a little dizzy. Shit. He hadn't felt this giddy over a man since --

No. He would never let that happen again. No matter how handsome the guy.

No matter how his big blue eyes seemed to eat him alive.

No matter how much he seriously needed a good fuck.

One of the other guests popped her head in the kitchen and said, "Guys, they're going to cut the cake."

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