Monday, October 13, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Jack-O'-Lanterns

The story of the Jack-O'-Lantern comes in many variants and is retold in different forms across Western Europe. An old Irish folk tale from the mid-19th Century tells of Stingy Jack, a lazy yet shrewd blacksmith who uses a cross to trap the devil.
The carved pumpkin lantern associated with Halloween is recorded in 1866 in the U.S.

Changeling Press Jack-O-Lanterns are as varied as the folk tales about Stingy Jack. Each Jack-O-Lantern is a hot tale, a perfect read for a cool October night.

 Ah, Tam! Ah, Tam! thou'll get thy fairin!

In hell, they'll roast thee like a herrin!
-- Robert Burns, Tam O'Shanter
Boredom has turned Annie into a witch of Alloway. But when notorious rock star Tam returns to his home village for a special Hallowe'en gig, it's more than the dead that Annie raises!
Tam finds his homecoming surreal. A gig in his old Scout Hall, the sexy girl in the wings who seems strangely familiar -- and then the dancing fiends in the graveyard that force him to make an unexpected life decision.
Robert Burns would turn in his grave!

Something big is going down in the rebuilt New Orleans, and Marie is behind the big show. She has a secret up her sleeve about who and what she is, but word is getting out.

A young stud by the name of Paul comes to check Marie out and determine whether or not she's who she claims to be. But will he end up condemning her, or wind up in her bed?
Marie is rooting for the bed…

Beads of sweat had broken out on his body as Dominic watched the whip land on her naked body. This is a nightmare, he tried to convince himself, I'll wake up any second.
He never suspected the beautiful Tricks was the high priestess of a warlock's cult. He'd joined her for a night wild sex, but soon discovered she had other plans.
Plans that included both pleasure and pain.
Plans that included an all-powerful warlock named Cade and his following.

One too many Flying Broomsticks and a phobia about Halloween aren't the only thing chasing Isabelle Crane into the darkness. She's got one very real-life family legend on her -- err -- tail.

Unholy Vows…
Urbane relishes life in hell, flaunting evil powers he has spent centuries perfecting. Then he sees the beautiful Evangeline and a desperate craving gnaws at his wicked soul. When no fiendish indulgence expels his desire for her, he makes the ultimate sacrifice. A midnight ceremony in the forbidden garden binds his soul to hers in eternal matrimony.
Evangeline is a daughter of heaven and loves her existence in the divine realm, yet she will sacrifice her happiness to fulfill her role in the Great Order. She will marry the demon Urbane. Though his innate evil fills her with terror, she finds herself longing to devour the swarthy fiend with burning eyes and a touch that makes her feel anything but angelic.
Trapped between heaven and hell, Evangeline and Urbane have only each other. Forever.

On All Hallows' Eve, when spirits walk the earth, Leonard comes to Andrew for their yearly tryst. The lovers spend all their time waiting for their one chance to come, and when it does they seize it with both hands.
The trouble is, one of them's a ghost, and can't stay longer than midnight.
Which one…?

Joey has gone to Hell. While it's not the real one, it's still an exciting hotbed of women and sex this Halloween night and that's just what he's looking for. When a beautiful blonde dressed as an angel catches his eye, he knows he has to have her and is willing to pay to make that happen.
Yet, he senses something isn't quite right here in Hell!
Katrina's been kidnapped by an evil group of werewolves and now she's being forced to sleep with a man for money. If she resists, they'll kill her. Still it could be worse. He's gorgeous and makes her feel things she's never felt before.
On top of all of this, when she's done pleasuring this man, the wolves are coming for him.
Will either of them get out alive?


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