Monday, October 20, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Trick or Treat 1

According to Wikipedia, young people in Scotland and Ireland took part in a tradition called guising, dressing up in costume and accepting offerings from various households. Rather than pledging to pray for the dead, they would sing a song, recite a poem, tell a joke or perform another sort of “trick” before collecting their treat, which typically consisted of fruit, nuts or coins.

Trick or Treat, Changeling style, Part One.

A simple Halloween tradition turns into more than Vivian or Cala anticipated. They thought their wild midnight romp was a one-time thing, but the deep longing for each other that remains says otherwise. Fey magic is ready to bind them together forever, assuming they can find each other again.

Halloween isn't just for trick-or-treating. Sometimes it's about playing dress up.
When Isaac's wife brings home a friend on Halloween, he never expects them to show him just what his sex life has been missing or that demons are real. Will he be willing to share his wife with two demons?

If a Lycan loves you, he will take you, ravage you, and leave you exhausted and satisfied. In return for your love and your unquestioning obedience, he will protect you and cherish and love you forever, and he will fight to the death to keep you.
A vampire will seduce you with detached casualness and make you come until you scream. He will not stay.
Lycans and vampires do not mix well.

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