Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween! New Releases at Changeling

Philcon Or Bust (EarthCon) by Stephanie Burke $4.99/Sale Price: $4.24
So what if they only have two eyes and no tails. Earth girls are easy, right?
Genre(s): Paranormal, Humor, Sci-Fi , New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): Bisexual and More, Gay
Black as Night (S.O.S.) by Shelby Morgen $3.99/Sale Price: $3.39
Will that Tom Cat strut get Officer O'Donnell so distracted she forgets who's wearing handcuffs?
Genre(s): Paranormal, New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): Shapeshifters (Other), Men and Women in Uniform
Taking Julia (The Shadow Zone) by Isabella Jordan $4.49/Sale Price: $3.82
Julia is one luscious little werewolf who definitely makes him feel alive...
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, BDSM, New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): 10th Anniversary Editions, Vampires, Werewolves

Spaceport Vol. 3 (Box Set) by Tuesday Morrigan, Mary Winter, Melinda Barron, Shelby Morgen $5.99/Sale Price: $5.09
Adana. Rundown spaceport on the edge of nowhere. Last port of call for those who move in the shadows
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Sci-Fi , Box Sets, New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): Menage, Bisexual and More
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Surrender (Intergalactic Loyalties 3) by Jessica Coulter Smith $4.49
Determined to return to Earth, Meghan is surprised when Zayne claims her heart.
Genre(s): Futuristic, Action Adventure & Suspense, Sci-Fi , Romance
Theme(s): Alternative Universe

Taken by Danni Price $4.99
Nadia will get the sexy male she's after -- as long as the zombies don't get her first!
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Sci-Fi , Romance
Theme(s): Holiday Themes, Dark Desire

Vampires Aren't Real by Willa Okati $4.49
One night at a club plus one stranger in a vampire costume equals a whole lot of trouble.
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Romance
Theme(s): Menage, Bisexual and More, 10th Anniversary Editions, Vampires, Werewolves, Big Beautiful Women

Mate Marks (Box Set) by Kate Hill $6.99
Mate marks spells bind destined mates. Those bound cannot resist their magical pull...
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Dark Fantasy, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial/MultiCultural, Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters (Other)
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