Monday, November 17, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Anniversary Books

2014 is Changeling Press’ silver anniversary. During the last decade, Changeling has published great books. Each Monday in November Changeling’s Anniversary Editions will be featured.

Garret Renke needs help. The Shadows his sister created for the government have attached themselves to him, and their sexual cravings are insatiable. Until he can destroy them, he'll never be free.
Trapped in Garret's cabin during a snow storm, Regina Howard, his sister's former assistant, has now been dragged into his nightmare. The fact that she's smart, beautiful, and sexy doesn't made things any easier. Regina's familiar with the Shadows though and can help. If she's willing.
Gina is shocked to find the Shadows attached to Garret, the head security hunk for Project: Silhouette. She's fantasized more than once about being alone with him. But not like this. Unless they overload the Shadows' powers, they're both in for a dangerous ride.
Only one way exists to destroy the dark creatures -- hot and raunchy sex.

Bakery shop and food magick practitioner Megan believes that certain ingredients can enhance everyone's lives. When she meets Jack she knows he's completely wrong for her, but she can't stop herself from helping him out with his meeting with some very special pastries.

When Jack finds himself back at Megan's shop a few hours later, he wonders if he's lost his mind. He's not sure why he's there, but he can't stop thinking about her. Coming together like a finely tuned recipe, the two of them create some serious steam in the kitchen, but can Jack take the heat?

A princess with a problem...
Meela must marry a prince from another planet in order to ensure the security of her people. Trouble is Meela's known to be a bit feisty, and sometimes that gets her into trouble. It's bad enough she has no say in who she'll marry. Worse still, the queen places an obedience curse on Meela to thwart her errant ways.
As a result of the curse, Meela finds herself in plenty of predicaments not exactly fit for a princess. But what's a princess to do when two gorgeous hunks come along and place sensual demands on her Meela's not sure she can -- or even wants to -- deny?

Hazel really wants to fulfill her potential and be the witch her Grandma always said she could be. Unfortunately, though her spells always work, they never quite work the way they're supposed to.
Drake, the hunky werewolf next door, has been dutifully watching over Hazel for the local coven. He's not convinced she's a witch, until she accidentally turns him into a dog. Of all the indignities.
Now she's got his undivided attention, and my oh my how she's grown up. Man, has Drake got an appetite for a certain witch… and it's all for her own good. After all, who ever heard of a virgin witch?

Samantha's in love -- with a man she can't have.
Alan Drury has everything. The perfect dead end corporate job. The perfect bitch of a corporate trophy wife. The perfect crumbling old Victorian mansion. Great, rambling old place. Anne picked it out. Thought it was the perfect place to throw a perfect corporate picnic.
Just don't go in the basement. There's something in the basement. Something down there, in the dark, behind an old brick wall. Something sleeping. Something evil. Something trapped. Trapped being the operative word. Trapped it was, and trapped it remained. Until it found a kindred soul. Until it found Alan. A man trapped... in a prison of his own making.
Sam's willing to give everything she has to save Alan from himself. And from the thing in the basement... But is her love enough to save them both?

Project Silhouette by Ruth D. Kerce
Recipe for Love by Julia Talbot
Obedience by Isabella Jordon
The Witching Hour by Marteeka Karland
The Thing in the Basement by Jonathan Wright

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