Monday, November 24, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Silver Anniversary Books

2014 is Changeling Press’ silver anniversary. During the last decade, Changeling has published great books. Each Monday in November Changeling’s Anniversary Editions will be featured.

Calyssa. This foxy little number really is! An arctic werefox, that is. Just one problem. She's got more men in her life than she knows how to handle. On one hand, there's her best friend, Rafe, werewolf hunk-in-training. Then there's Donovan. Passionate, possessive -- did we mention Alpha wolf? Not-so-ex-boyfriend. What's a fox to do? Why, share, of course! Time to teach Donovan a few new tricks! When these three get together, their passion burns hot enough to melt the Arctic Circle!

For three centuries, Nara's existence has revolved around providing sexual gratification to men not of her choosing. As a concubine enslaved by a brutal master she knows only as the Conqueror, Nara can do nothing but obey his every cruel whim. But a hundred years ago, Nara discovered where her real talents lie. She can invade dreams; and in those dreams, she's the one in control. Not the men whose thoughts she pervades. Not the Conqueror. Just her.
Rafe Osmond is a Dream Walker committed to eradicating every last trace of dream ragers, those whose dark arts not only terrorize, but also kill innocent dreamers. After he watches Nara terrifying a man she's recently serviced, Rafe sets off after her -- with a vengeance. But when he finds her, he also stumbles upon a long-forgotten temple steeped in ancient mystery, and a terrifying evil.
Together, Rafe and Nara must destroy a power darker and deadlier than either of them imagined. But first, Rafe must convince Nara that there is more to dreams than ravages of pain and whimpers of terror... and to do that, he has to show her unbelievable pleasure

Poetry and roses, candlelight and music...
The art of seduction…
"Have you tried to call her?"
"No. I don't… I… fuck. I can't even tell you exactly what we were fighting about anymore."
Tired of waiting for Jack to figure out how to end their impasse, Mindy lays the perfect trap for make-up sex. As the flames of desire lick the edges of her heart, Mindy finds what she's looking for in Jack's arms.

The world of eighteenth century Transylvania is kind to vampires. (Or Immortals as they prefer to be called.) Food is plentiful, women are willing, and it's all fun and frolic if you're a neck-biting, blood-sucking dynamo in bed. Dragomir Aleksander Falcau fits all the criteria, and enjoys the hell out of his life until…
Toni Hansen is spending a few days with a friend who has an urge to create something unique. Ancient mead recipes and Twinkies are most definitely going to be involved, along with some of those pink, coconut-covered puffy cakes. Unfortunately, a scrying bowl and an ancient chant are also accidentally included in the evening's entertainment.
Drago is summoned from his slumber into Toni's buzzed fantasies. And for one confused eighteenth-century Immortal and one seriously smashed twenty-first century woman, things go from "bed" to worse…

Pampered, rich, and bored. Those three words pretty much sum up Olivia's life. Turning the big 3-0 is just the icing on the cake. Is she really going to live her entire life playing it safe, or does she dare to make a change and shake things up a bit? Deciding to buy a Harley seems like the perfect first step on the road to independence, and it gives her the excuse to indulge the leather fetish she's repressed for so many years. But when she sets eyes on Jake, the sexy hunk selling the bike she wants, she dares to reach for more…

Artic Heat by Alecia Monaco
In His Dreams by Lacey Savage
Flames of Desire by Michelle Hoppe
Suck to be You by Sahara Kelly
Riding Lessons by Amelia Elias

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