Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hi everyone.

My name is Michelle Hoppe and one of my tag lines is: Experience the Unexpected. I love putting the unexpected in my stories, like my newest release
Jack-O'Lanterns: Warlock's Eve and I enjoy doing the unexpected when it comes to promo's. So, even though it's November 1st, I'm going to have a Halloween contest ~smiles~. Oh, and if you've never entered one of my contest before, they are easy...I'm talking easy with a capital E.

Here's all you have to do to enter and win:

Post a comment here telling me what one kind of candy you can't resist.

That's it. If you post you're entered.

I will pick three winners at noon tomorrow. The prize is a surprise, because of course that is Unexpected!! And don't forget to check out my newest release:

Jack-O'Lanterns: Warlocks Eve


  1. Hello Michelle,

    Congrad's on your new release YaY!

    I know you said one candy but I am posting two one for halloween and one for any other day *G*

    Hershey's Love hershey's :)

    For halloween Candy Corn. Love them. The chocolate ones :)


  2. I rarely eat candy but I love milkyways...

  3. hi linda,

    thank you. i really enjoyed writing this new one.

    omg - i love the chocolate candy corns too and the only time you can get them is at halloween.

  4. hi tehya,

    i don't get to eat much candy either, it's too hard on the waist line. it's been years since i've had a milkyway...hmmmm, i wonder if the store is open?

  5. Cadbury's Time Out.

  6. hi jennybrat,

    i don't think i've ever heard of that one. what's in it?

  7. Happy Halloween, Michelle. I adore chocolate covered Bing Cherries made by Dilettantes. They are delicious -- 'tis my snack/dessert every day. The story sounds marvelous. Hugs.

  8. hi bonita,

    thank you, babe.

    yep, i like chocolate covered cherries too. james loves chocolate dipped strawberries and is really sad that the strawberry season is over.

  9. Hi Michelle!

    I love anything that is filled or covered in dark chocolate! Let your imagination run wild!!

  10. Congrats on the new release...And my favorite kind of chocolate is white Resse Cups...I cannot give them up...I have to have them...I love them...LOL....

  11. It does suck Michelle that we can only get the chocolate candy corns during halloween. What I do though is rack up on enough of them to last me awhile *G* The best time to get them though is a day or two after halloween where you can catch the sales on them *G*


  12. Two Wafer Fingers with a ‘Flake’ centre covered in milk chocolate. It's similar to Kit Kat but tastier.

  13. Reese Peanut butter cups either the milk or white chocolate. I don't care I am seriously addicted to both. As my bottom half indicates rofl

  14. Did I win?


    Dakota :)

  15. I can't resist Reese's Cups!

  16. Ha Michelle i cant resist Dove milk chocolates. Gets me every time.

  17. Hi!

    I like most of the cadbury chocolates (especially dairy milk) and the nestle chocs are ok, too. but cadbury chocs are my favs!

  18. hi cherie,

    yep dark chocolate is oh so good and i have a very vivid imagination so wild is no problem ~smiles~

    thanks crystal,

    i had the white reese cups last night for the first time...yep it's on my list of ~don't ever buy again!~

    lol linda,

    the last thing i need is to stock up on candy, but maybe just a little.

    hi jennybrat, now this sounds like something i could get addicted to.

    hi pamk,

    reese peanut butter cups is james' fav too.

    oy's dakota - no you didn't win, darlin. i'm not drawing names until noon tomorrow.

    hi ellen611,

    reese's seems to be the leader in fav candy so far.

    hiya riane,

    i don't buy dove chocolates anymore because i might as well just paste em to my hips cause thats where they end up anyway.

  19. I love the old fashioned orange and yellow Candy Corn!

  20. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but only the minature size. Don't really know what's up with that, but they have been my favorite candy for over 10 years.

  21. Hi Michelle,

    I am absolutely addicted to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and anything with nuts in it. Preferably Snickers or Baby Ruth. YUM! I went out and bought Halloween candy. You know dum dums, jaw breakers, and of course my addictions. lol They were all meant to be for the kids. Well needless to say the RPBCs, Snickers, Babe Ruths ended up in my goody basket instead of theirs. lol I couldn't resist having them. LMAO

  22. So what you're REALLY saying is--I lose because you don't WANT me to win, right?


    DC :)

  23. Snickers or Baby Ruth

  24. I can't resist Rockets or any chocolate bars..mostly Oh Henry or Areo

  25. hi estella, yep, candy corn for some reason is just to hard to resist.

    hiya cathy, it is interesting about the tiny ones, because they taste the same of the big ones.

    ~smiles~ hi becky, once the trick or treaters had given up for the night, i took all the left over candy into james' room and told him to eat it quick.

    oy's dakota, what i'm REALLY saying is i'm not picking any winners until noon tomorrow LOL

    hi's jodi,
    i used to eat snickers a lot, but lately they just don't do it for me.

    okay, jeanette, what are rockets?

  26. I can't resist any candy but if i had to choose, i'd say KitKat or Reese's

  27. Hope you had a great Halloween. As for candy, I would have to say my favorite is KitKat.

  28. I like Cadbury Dark or Fruit Nut bars, Baby Ruth, or frozen snack size Snickers bars.

    They (some unknown to me candy manufacturing companies) do make candy corn at Easter and Christmas, but it just doesn't taste the same to me as Brach's, which I think is the best. Easter is pink/white/yellow, and Christmas is red/green/white. I like Brach's Autumn Mix, which has regular candy corn, chocolate candy corn, and pumpkin cremes.

  29. I've never tasted candy corn. Don't even know if they sell it here.

  30. mmmmmmmmmmm

    Chocolate Candy Corn's and regular candy corn. Can't have it anymore....can't resist... must have.... yummy... :)

    Can't wait to read your book. I'm wanting the whole series...

  31. Congrats
    And as to Candy
    I love chocolate my favorite is Cella Cherrys. I can eat the whole box

  32. Chocolate in any form. No matter if ice cream, candy or hot chocolate

  33. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Congrats on the new release, Michelle. I love just about any chocolate candy, but I especially like the box of Godiva I usually get every Christmas, creamy and delicious!

  34. virgo336:54 AM

    Hmm, my first log-in didn't take and decided to call my anonymous, lol. I'm in the mood now for some Godiva chococate after mentioning it.

  35. hi mishmish, glad you made it babe. i got your email, but before i could get back to you, our loverly dakota helped you find your way here. thanks babe, you are officially entered ~smiles~

    i had a wonderful halloween, ladyvampire2u. the kids came over for dinner and katie had a blast passing out the candy, although we had to help her because she would just grab a handfull and half the time she missed the sack, but she enjoyed it.

    hiya amy s.

    i've heard of mounds, it's got coconut, which i love, but i've never heard of zero's.

    hi amy2ericky,

    i've never tried the fruit nut bars, but i have tried the frozen snickers things because james keeps buying them. they are good but i perfer my candy thawed.

    oy's jennybrat, you've got to find a way to try candy corn, darlin. it's oh so fab.

    lol, daun ann, sounds like you need a candy-corn intervention.

    thank you. the series is great. i hope you enjoy the books.

    hi liz,

    thanks, babe. are cella cherrys like chocolate covered cherrys?

    hi dannyfiredragon,

    lol, see picking just one kind of candy is hard.

    hiya virgo33,

    thanks babe. not sure what happened with the log in thing, but i do agree, godiva is great.