Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let it snow!

Most of you know I live on the coast of Washington, at sea level I might add, so when I tell you there is six inches of snow on the ground here you might think I've hit my head or something. But, it's true -- there is a pile of white stuff in my yard and it is colder than a frozen pond in Maine in January. I was going to say colder than a witch's tit, but since many of you might not know how cold a witch's tit can be, I figured I'd give you something easier to compare too.

In honor of our snow and the idiots who think getting to work is the most important thing on the 'to do' list today, I wrote a little ditty I'd like to share with you.

Twas a night of great snow fall and all through the town,
it fell from the sky to white kiss the ground.

The children did run up the street in delight,
noses red, frozen hands, oh to see such a sight.

Snowball fights, dazzling lights, children shouting with glee,
as a blanket of snow covered each and every tree.

And the snow it did fall on the buildings and streets,
turning all of our drivers into dumb little freaks.

Not a tail light unbroken as they plowed here and there,
hitting cars, curbs, and lamp posts with nary a care.

As adults we forget all the fun to be had,
when snow comes a calling wee lassies and lads.

Don't you get in that car, tell the boss you'll be late,
life's too short don't you know to make wee children wait.

Grab a coat and a muff, grab a scarf if you must,
Get a pail or a sled and some other great stuff.

Out the door you must run with the children in tow
Take a day. Take an hour. Just go play in the snow!


  1. Great poem!
    I live in Southwestern Oregon and we also have snow.

  2. I totally loved that poem! Your right though, as we grow older, we grown somewhat immune to the fun of the snow and tend to only see it as a hassle or more work. I think everyone should take a day out to be a kid again for a few hours.

  3. hi estella and ladyvampire,

    i did take time out yesterday to play in the snow with my grand daughter and son. we ran around throwing snowballs at each other, tried to make a snow fort (the snow was too powdery) and made snow angels. katie is three and even though her little fingers were frozen and my nose was redder than that famous reindeer's we played for over an hour.