Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pandora's People 2: Keely--Now Available

Pandora's People: Keely is now available

Pandora's People: Keely was released by Changeling Press on Friday.

Last year, Keely lost her lover, John, in a supposed anti-terrorist operation. Now, as she and her fellow aberrants uncover a government plot to destroy the society they’ve built for themselves, the facts about this conspiracy come to light. To complicate matters, Keely is teamed with West, a powerful aberrant who captures her heart. Afraid to love again in the face of her recent loss, Keely must come to terms with her past and decide whether to accept the love West offers as they fight together to uncover a shocking secret.

This is volume two in a three-book series.

Over the past generation, children all over the world have been born with strange powers. Scientists have no explanation. Aberrant communities have sprung up across the world. In the US, Pandora, a mysterious woman with even more mysterious powers, acts as a liaison between the aberrants and the government.

Gale Harrison is new to the aberrant community, having been raised by affluent parents who sent him to a private school among "normal" people. Gale channels electricity through his body, but he’s never learned how to use his skill, only to ruthlessly control it. Intimacy with another person has always been denied him. When he meets Michael, he finds a reason to learn another way. And when he and Michael stumble into a plot to destroy the aberrant society, he must use the powers he was born with to save innocent lives.

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