Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh my gods...

Umm, who forgot to tell me that there was only about two and a half weeks until Thanksgiving? Oy, where has time gone?!

Okay, forget about my head spinning, this week is busy for Changeling Press. On Tuesday, join Sierra, me, and a few other authors over at the erotic Coffetime yahoo group ( for some fabulous excerpts, great chatting, and a lovely prize for those who jump in on the fun!

Then Thursday, it's Thank God It's Thursday with Renee and Dakota! Those two are a crazy, wonderful delight to spend a few hours with in the afternoon. TGITWRAD runs from 1pm to 3pm Central Time (that's 2pm to 4pm Eastern Time, for those of you like me who hate trying to figure that stuff out!). They always have juicy tidbits on offer and they are a riot to boot!

So come and visit with Changeling Press wherever we are this week!

Til next time, be naughty and love it!

Emma Ray


  1. I usually don't take part in these, but I love to lurk.

  2. Two weeks until Thanksgiving scares me more than missing a deadline. SCREAM!!

    This year we're hosting the whole fam-damily. Big Bacon and Sage Butter Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, praline yams, puppy paws (a yeast bread dinner roll), squash soup, bourbon dogs, spiced cashews, pumpkin nog, pumpkin pie, mincemeat pie, pecan pie, and turkey gobbler chocolate cake.

    Yep, I am that crazy.