Saturday, August 16, 2008

Demons R Us by Alice Gaines

Vicky Burke has to get her soon-to-be ex-husband and his girlfriend out of her house before someone discovers he's using the mansion to make porn movies. When a mysterious book of spells drops into her lap, she decides to summon a demon to evict the whole bunch of them. Imagine her surprise when two, not one, emissaries arrive from hell. Imagine her delight when Asmodai and Ilbris inform her that they don't want her soul in exchange for their help. They want her body.

Chapter Two

Ilbris took her hand and helped her up. They walked to Asmodai, and she stood between them, craning her neck to gaze up at one and then the other. “You two don’t mind sharing?”
“I’m teaching him how to fuck, too,” Asmodai said.
“Hey, no one’s better than me in the sack,” Ilbris said.
Asmodai raised an eyebrow in the most regal put-down imaginable. “You need more than a huge tool, dipshit. There’s such a thing as technique.”
Ohmigod. Two gorgeous males -- one with an enormous cock and the other with expertise. Her knees got weak. She hadn’t had any sugar for months. She’d even left her vibrator at the house when she’d left for London and hadn’t gotten another one. Her pussy dampened in anticipation. If she’d known conjuring would get her stud service, she would have bought the grimoire ages ago.
“I have technique,” Ilbris said.
“Only what I’ve taught you.”
“I made the last woman come three times,” Ilbris said.
Asmodai reached over her and thumped his finger into Ilbris’ chest. “Only because I ate her pussy first.”
“Hey, old man.” Ilbris pushed his hand away. “She said no one had ever shtupped her like I did.”
“She was being nice.”
Ilbris leaned toward his coworker. “Nice had nothing to do with it.”
Asmodai took a step toward him, making Vicky the stuffing of a demon sandwich. “She took pity on you, pea brain.”
“Boys, boys.” She rested a hand on each chest and held them apart. “I can settle the argument for you if you want.”
Asmodai looked down at her as if he’d forgotten she was there. “You?”
“You want to decide who’s best at satisfying a woman,” she said. “I’m a woman.”
She listened to the words coming out of her own mouth, and her heart thudded in her chest. She’d offered herself as a judge in a fucking competition. Two hunks vying to see who could give her the most orgasms. Hot damn.
Ilbris turned her around and bent to claim her mouth for a kiss. Electricity seemed to arc between them at the contact. She gasped at the shock and leaned toward him for more. A pleasant scent of smoke curled through her mind. As if he’d started a fire inside her and would fan it until she went up in flames. She very well might. While their lips explored each other, hands came around her from behind. Strong fingers went over her breasts and squeezed while teeth nibbled gently at her earlobe.
Asmodai roared softly into her ear and then circled the tip of his tongue around the edge.
Damn, she’d never had anyone do that to her ear before. It gave new meaning to the word erotic. Ear-otic. Whatever. It sure felt good.
While Ilbris parted her lips with his own and ran his tongue over the bottom, his hands went to her blouse and worked at the buttons. Agile buggers, his fingers opened one after another until he got to the bottom. Asmodai took over there, pulling the sleeves down her arms while he nibbled along her neck to her shoulder.
Hands went everywhere over her body. Someone unfastened her bra and pulled it off while someone else unzipped her slacks. She ought to know who was doing what, but the fever in her brain blurred everything but the tingling of her nipples and the throbbing between her legs.
Someone knelt before her. Ilbris, right. He slid her slacks to her ankles and helped her kick out of them. Asmodai’s fingers covered her breasts again and this time toyed with the nipples. Slowly teasing them into hard points. Every nerve registered his touch as he circled over them, and again and again, while she rested back against his chest.
Now, Ilbris parted her legs and placed his mouth over her mound, blowing hot air on it. His tongue came out and flicked over her slit.
That shouldn’t be possible. No one had a tongue that long. But, who in hell cared? As long as he didn’t stop.
A tongue fluttered at the base of her throat, too. Rough. Scaly, even.
She opened her eyes. “Hey, you guys?”
“Hmm?” Asmodai murmured into her ear.
“You’re tongues. Are they… uh… normal?”
“Shhh,” he whispered.
“I mean it.” She pushed Ilbris away from her and stared down at him. He smiled and flicked his tongue at her.
“Yikes.” It was forked, like a snake’s, and it moved lightning quick. “You didn’t look like that before.”
Asmodai shushed her again, but this time it sounded more like a hiss. The two of them definitely had their reptilian sides, but that didn’t bother her body one little bit. What woman wouldn’t enjoy a long, forked tongue that could move as quickly as a humming bird’s wing? So, when the man behind her pulled her toward the bed, she went without resistance. He lowered her onto the mattress and pulled off her panties. Smiling, he lifted the silky material to his face and breathed deeply. “Oh, yes. I’ve missed this.”
“My turn,” Ilbris said. “I haven’t eaten pussy for months.”
“Watch the master and take notes.” Asmodai eased her thighs apart and covered her sex with his mouth. He stroked the lips. Back to front, front to back. Over and over, just grazing her clit on each pass. The rough texture of his tongue contrasted with the light pressure against her flesh to create a perfect storm of sensation. Every nerve ending went into high gear as her entire world collapsed into the space between her legs.
She turned her head and glanced toward Ilbris. He’d concentrated his attention on watching his teacher, but his hand rested on his crotch, rubbing and squeezing his cock through the leather of his pants. When he noticed her staring at him, he dropped his arm and thrust his hips forward, showing her the dimensions of his erection.
What an erection it was. Stiff and thick, it stretched from the base of his torso almost to his waist.
“Want to see it?” he asked.
Speechless, she nodded.
He snapped his fingers, and his clothing disappeared. Poof. Gone. Now, his tool stood straight out from his body. Beautiful and enormous.
He gripped the shaft in his fist and pumped. “Hurry up, pal. I’m getting hot.”
Asmodai made a noise of disapproval, and the expulsion of his breath vibrated against her nether lips. She melted against the bed, staring at Ilbris stroking his hard-on while Asmodai gave her fellatio better than anything she’d had in her most erotic dreams. Now, the tips of his tongue zipped over her clit. Fast but gently enough to build her arousal with maddening speed.
“Oh,” she sighed. “Oh my, ohmy, ohmy.”
“Want something to suck on?” Ilbris asked. He stood next to the bed now, bringing his tool near her face. It had turned near crimson with arousal, and the vein along the underside seemed to throb.
She reached for it, and he climbed onto his knees next to her. Now, she could wrap her fingers around the base and guide the head into her mouth.
He sucked in a breath. “Shit, you’re good. I’m gonna come.”
Asmodai removed his mouth from her muff but continued teasing her clit with his thumb and finger. “Hold off, man. You know it’s better if you make it last.”
“Yeah.” Ilbris thrust his hips, pushing more of his cock into her mouth. “But, damn, you wouldn’t believe how her lips feel.”
“I’ll find out later. Do this right, asshole.”
She swallowed as much of the cock as she could, using her hand to stimulate the rest. Asmodai went back to work at her pussy.
Now, he lapped at her outer lips and sucked on one and then the other. They swelled, parting for him. His tongue probed into her pussy. Almost as good as a cock. Her heart thundered, the blood pounding in her ears. She’d climax in a minute, better than she ever had before.

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