Saturday, August 09, 2008

Excerpt: Little Dragon by Belinda McBride

Title: Little Dragon

Genre/Line: Sci Fi, Futuristic, Interracial

Author: Belinda McBride
Author URL:
Release Date : August 7, 2008

Publisher: Changeling Press

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Content Warning: Contains sexual scenes and situations, which may offend some readers.

* * * *
Following a devastating injury, Detective Rose “Little Dragon” Lee takes a courier job to make payments on her ship. The job was easy…safe…until her ship is captured by the dangerous, war-like Nephris.
Nephris Commander Arad immediately recognizes his captive as the one person his government would most like to capture and terminate. Arad immediately files a property claim on the dangerous female, making her part of his household. Rose means more to him than a warm body in his bed or a vessel for his children. She holds the key to his freedom and his sanity, to his very life.
Because Arad Soheil is not what he seems, and his time is running out.


When her entire arm went dead, Rose Lee knew she was in trouble. Big trouble.
The station wall stopped her in mid-flight, breaking ribs, and God only knew what else. When the pain suddenly faded, leaving numbness and nausea in its wake, she knew it was time to end this fight.
She slid boneless to the floor, keeping a wary eye on Daryl Nutlisch as he guffawed, preparing to finish the tiny woman that he’d just thrown into the steel wall. She caught herself going down, braced her knees, and called on some unknown reserve of strength.
The idiot was too confident, certain that Rose was down for the count. True, blood streaked her face, her left arm hung uselessly at her side. Her pistol had skittered under a rusty dumpster, and no way in hell did an unarmed woman have the strength to take down a man that was easily twice her size.
Nevertheless, as Daryl smirked and glanced away, he missed the look of calculation that crossed her face. He missed her crouch, her sleek launch from the wall, slamming a well-placed kick to his kidney.
As she rode the big man to the filthy floor, Rose’s sharp teeth tore at the bracelet on her right wrist, exposing a tiny, wicked needle that fairly dripped with a double dose of Clonk. She called it ‘Clonk’ because of the sound the suspect made as they hit the floor. This needle was perfectly placed, right on that bare skin between neck and shoulder.
Her kick had taken him to the ground before the drug took effect; robbing Rose of the pleasure of hearing his meaty face hit the steel floor. 250 pounds of pure mean male down on the ground was reward enough.
So she couldn’t use weapons… she’d use what she could. After all, it was a matter of professional pride.


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