Monday, August 11, 2008

Excerpt: Rogue Warriors 3: Queen by Marie Treanor

Rogue Warriors 3: Queen
By Marie Treanor
Changeling Press

World leaders gather in Dome City for a vital peace conference. Gina, dutiful but sex-starved daughter of the king of the Dragul, has more personal goals - namely, to enjoy a night of forbidden sensual pleasures before her political marriage to Sylvus, powerful leader of the western Dragul.

But when she walks into the sleazy bar, she finds more than she bargained for - not one sexy human lover but two. Unfortunately, one of them is in thrall to the evil renegade Dragul, Avram. And the other, the big, enigmatic westerner, infuriates and fascinates her, and ultimately gives her true sexual satisfaction.

But duty calls, and as she rises to her new challenges of promoting peace, foiling Avram and quarrelling with Sylvus, she finally finds the love she's been looking for all along. And by the time the conference ends, Gina, the Dome and the world have changed for ever.

The westerner broke eye contact with her at last. Easing his back off the door, he began to walk toward them, and Gina, already trembling with need, thought she would melt into a useless glob of desire as soon as he touched her. How in the world was she to deal with both of them?
He paused beside them, looking down at her. Ed half-released her and she swayed nearer him. “I can taste with my eyes,” said the westerner, and moved on toward the window. “For now.”
“A voyeur?” Ed enquired. “You like to watch? I prefer doing, myself, but to each his own. Hey, baby, let’s give him a show…”
Nuzzling her neck, Ed led her to the bed, sat with her and began to caress her breast relentlessly while he looked into her eyes to see its effect on her. Smiling with forgivable smugness, he slid his fingers down the neckline of her golden gown and freed her naked breast.
“Look at that, my friend,” he said unsteadily to the westerner. “Have you ever seen a more beautiful tit than that?”
From the window, two yards away, the westerner’s gaze swiped across her nipple like a caress. “Take out the other one.”
Though it wasn’t clear who he was talking to, Gina suddenly wanted to do this for him. It felt indescribably sexy to lift her own heavy breast free of the material while the two men watched.
“Touch it,” said the westerner, low-voiced. “The way you like.”
Gina gasped. Then, as the tension grew between her legs, she palmed her breast, kneading it. She flicked her thumb over the hard, distended nipple several times, and with a groan, Ed fell on her other breast, clamping his mouth over the nipple and sucking. Pleasure soared. Still locked on her nipple, he pushed her back onto the pillows.
Again, Gina’s eyes locked with the westerner’s. She circled her nipple repeatedly with her thumb, held it between her thumb and forefinger, softly pulling, hearing her own faint moans with shock. It almost felt like he was doing it. One man at each breast. And yet the westerner hadn’t shifted from the window. Only his gaze moved between her breast and her face. And only the intensity of his eyes gave away that he was feeling anything at all.
Ed’s hands were all over her now, dragging up her skirt, caressing her knees and thighs, pushing them apart so that he could reach his goal between.
He gave a cry of triumph. “Christ, you’re so wet. You really do want this, don’t you?” He glanced over at the westerner, smiling wolfishly. “Her pussy’s soaking.”
It was also throbbing unendurably. Somewhere the tension between her legs had become pain, and then slow, burning pleasure that caused her hips to rise up off the bed without permission.
Ed began to tear off his shirt. Then, pausing briefly, he glanced at her. “We’re allowed to be naked, yes?”
“Oh yes,” said Gina fervently, while Ed tore off his clothes. The westerner moved at last, walking across to the foot of the bed and gazing down at her naked pussy. It pulsed, opening under his gaze. Gina couldn’t breathe. And yet, loving his silent attention, impossibly aroused by it, she opened her legs wider for him.
And then Ed regained her attention with his enormous, rigid cock standing upright in front of her face.
“Want some of that, baby?” he asked breathlessly. “Now?”
Gina did, but she couldn’t wait. With a small animal mewl, she lifted her hips off the bed again. And unexpectedly, the westerner sat down beside them. Reaching out, he touched her for the first time…

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