Monday, August 18, 2008

Excerpt: Discovering Passion by Selena Illyria

Discovering Passion
by Selena Illyria
Cover art by Reneé George
ISBN (13): 978-1-60521-049-0
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, Vampires
Series: Vampiropolis
Length: Novella

Lida Sandros is tired of the dating scene. She wants to settle down, stay at home, have someone to cuddle with. She's tired of the hamster wheel of love, that is until her ex-fiancé comes to town and brings up old feelings of the past. It doesn't help that he may not be back for her but the artifact that she was given.
Xavier Hideo has always regretted hurting Lida. But he walked away due to the danger his chosen profession brings him. When his profession and only love collide he starts to realize that what he wants in life no longer jives with what he needs. He needs Lida and wants to settle down, walk away from chasing after ghosts of the past. But can he convince her that he has changed?

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He turned his attention to the cars before him, dropped her arm and continued trying to remember where he parked. After ten minutes of silence she finally spoke up.
"So, you're lost huh?"
"I am not lost," he gritted out.
"We've passed by this Aston Martin five times, so unless you have a hard-on for the car, we're lost."
He whirled around to face her, "We're not lost. Just give me a minute to find the car."
"Bullshit! Either you really like the Aston Martin or you're in love with the hot pink Beetle parked next to it or we're lost. Which is it?"
Xavier watched Lida cross her arms, her breasts lifting up to show off more cleavage and for a second, time stilled as he just stared at the pale white mounds exposed to his view. A need to uncover them and taste her skin surged up inside of him. He licked his lips, remembering the taste of her pink nipples. He blinked and in that time she moved before him, waving her hand in front of his face.
"A, my eyes are up here. B, you wanna see the vanilla mounds of goodness, you better take me to dinner first. And C, there is no way in hell that we aren't lost."
Annoyance rose up inside of him to quell his arousal, for now.
"We are not lost and I have no desire to see your so-called 'vanilla mounds of goodness.' What are you, ten?" He knew he was lying but refused to admit to it. Whirling away from her he spotted his car and started toward it but didn't miss her muttering, "Well, I could have said, wanna see my pussy but you weren't staring at my crotch now, were you?"

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