Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Planet: Tiger Eyes by Belinda McBride

TITLE: Black Planet: Tiger Eyes
GENRE/THEME: Science Fiction, Futuristic, Cyber Punk, bisexual, ménage, interracial
AUTHOR: Belinda McBride
PUBLISHER: Changeling Press

WARNINGS: Ménage sex

* * * * *

San Francisco: 2184 CE

Sometimes, when you reach the end of the road, you find a twist you didn’t expect. A hill rises, a trail breaks away and to your surprise, the end has become the beginning.

Lieutenant Milo Green’s career is all that keeps him on his feet and functioning. He’s lost everyone he ever loved, and now, only the job holds him together. When he looks to the future, he sees no reprieve.
And then one day he looks up and sees his destiny standing in the doorway.

Darah Lash is the most powerful Thalian present on Earth. Yet, to his people, he is a second class citizen. He came to Earth with the small, desperate hope that he would find a woman who would accept him, mate him, and eventually bear his children. What he doesn’t expect to find is love.

Grace Chen is a wrecked shell of a woman. Once admired and feared, she is now on the brink of death, fighting for every day, every hour. In a vision, she is told to wait for the miracle, but it hasn’t come yet. And if that miracle comes, will the cost be too high?

Three paths end, one road begins.
Destination: Black Planet.


Holy shit-on-a-stick!

Grace stayed rooted where she stood as the two men embraced, mere inches from her. She very nearly felt the heat of their bodies from the other side of the thin barrier.

Her heart twisted as it so often did when she looked at Milo, at the man she’d surrendered in the name of duty.

Back then, she’d been a stupid, stupid girl, thinking she could walk away, save the world, and then come back to find him waiting.

That’s just not how it worked now, was it?

As Darah broke the kiss, those dark blue eyes of his flashed with unearthly light, meeting hers with a feral intensity. That intensity had been present from the time they met, and had been growing by the day.

She licked her lips nervously, noting that his eyes watched the movement. She stifled a shiver, feeling warmth and moisture escape her body.

You are the loveliest female I’ve ever seen.

She blinked, glancing at Milo to see what his response was, but he acted as though Darah hadn’t spoken. She met Darah’s eyes once more.
I feel his desire for you. I want you. I want us all…

She blinked, aware of a tickle behind her forehead. Grace stepped back, wrapping her mind around what was happening.

She’d heard his thoughts.

A smile slowly creased his face as Darah began to suspect what was happening in Grace’s head.

“Milo, stand up.”

She watched as Milo slowly rose; Darah moved the chair away and stepped up behind the man once again. The look on the Thalian’s face twisted her gut, sweat bloomed on her skin as she watched, the men moved even closer to the barrier. Just inches away, Darah stopped, wrapping an arm around Milo’s waist, his hand slipping under his jacket, into his shirt.

She watched.

Darah’s wings slowly expanded, his head ducked, nuzzling at Milo’s jaw, the other man’s eyes dropped shut in pleasure. Darah began unbuttoning the crisp white shirt; his hand searching out Milo’s hardened nipples. With his free hand, he pulled the shirt loose from Milo’s black trousers.

“You wish you were touching him.”

She met his eye and nodded slightly. Grace stood perfectly still, watching the slow stripping of Milo. Darah’s hand dropped, unbuckling Milo’s belt, opening his pants. She felt her lips part slightly as Milo’s cock came into view, hard and ruddy, a glistening tear running down the head.

“Shall I make him come for you?”

Her mouth went dry.

Step closer.

She obeyed the whisper in her mind, stepping forward until she pressed against the barrier. It was surprisingly supple, thin as silk. Darah pushed Milo forward; through the plastic, she felt his warmth. Grace lifted a hand, palm open, and Milo reached up, placing his palm against hers.

She felt a painful hitch in her breath…it felt so good to touch…to be touched. She let her head drift forward, until their foreheads met, resting together. For the first time since she’d been brought in, Grace freely allowed memories to rush through her mind. Milo, nearly a decade ago, black hair glossy and bright in the sun; his grey eyes were sometimes moody and sad, but more often bright with laughter. She remembered seeing him that first time, a big white man in a black suit. He was quiet and dangerous, his fierce passion held under tight control.

From where she stood, looking down at his bare torso, she could see that he was still muscular, his abdomen still ridged with muscle. She looked down further, and saw the hand of his new lover, touching where she used to touch.

Darah’s big hand clasped Milo’s cock, stroking gently, slowly, as he watched her through hooded eyes. As he stroked, his hips rocked gently into Milo’s ass in gentle parody of the act.

“Milo, have you ever…?”

“No. Not yet.”

He’d never allowed Darah to take him. He wasn’t repulsed or afraid, she could see that. One side of her mouth pulled up into a smile. Without moving her head, her eyes shot upward, meeting Darah’s gaze. A similar smile edged onto his face.

“Now that’s something I’d like to see.”

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