Friday, November 14, 2008

Down and Dirty: Wild Card by Moira Rogers

Title: Wild Card
Series: Down & Dirty

Genre/Line: Futuristic, Werewolves, BDSM

Author: Moira Rogers
Author URL:
Release Date or Available Now: November 14th

Publisher: Changeling Press

Content Warning: Contains graphic sex which may offend some readers.

* * * *


As alpha of the Lonely River Pack, Jack Owens is responsible for keeping the peace between what’s left of the human population and the wolves who have taken over since the War. All wolves are his responsibility, even the ones who don’t necessarily recognize his authority, like Virginia Howard. Ginny’s been a thorn in Jack’s side since she took over her parents’ operation and established herself as one of the area’s premier ranchers. The fact that she’s everything he wants in a mate makes it hard to stay away from her… but any good hunter knows how to bide his time.
Ginny fights hard to maintain her independence from men, human and werewolf alike. When a group of angry wolves, determined to see her submit, threaten her operation, she’s forced to accept Jack’s assistance. But in saving her ranch, Ginny runs the risk of losing something far greater -- her heart.


Ginny began to ache as Jack stared down at her, talking about orgasms and looking at her like she was a juicy plum he was about to bite into. “And I can’t move my hands?”
“No.” The corner of his mouth ticked up as his palm came to rest on the curve of her hip. “Though maybe I shouldn’t be trusting you to listen. I saw how well that went last night.”
“Last night? Your punishments weren’t very discouraging.” Her skin heated at the memories. “If anything, you were forcing me to behave badly.”
He shrugged and reached up to tease around her nipple with a barely-there touch. “What can I say? I love a woman who behaves badly.”
“I must be a dream, then,” she murmured, smiling as she trembled.
His fingers caught her nipple without warning, pinching it as his other hand dipped between her thighs to rub once against her clit.
Ginny cried out and shot halfway into a sitting position. After a few heartbeats, she shuddered and relaxed, dropping her hands back to the table above her head. “Sorry.”
“Mmm, sure you are.” He dropped a hand to the table above her head and pinned her hands down, his grin widening. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were just begging to get spanked again.”
“I am begging,” she whispered, twisting under him. The gentle ache sharpened until she almost hurt. “Jack…”
His fingers slipped over her clit again before sliding lower. He eased one inside and groaned, his eyes never leaving her face. “You’re so wet. Tell me what you want, Ginny. Say it.”
“I want you to fuck me with your fingers.” Her whole body tensed, and she fought the urge to free her hands and grab him. “I want you to watch me come.”
Jack groaned again, then leaned down and claimed her mouth. His tongue plunged past her lips, hot and every bit as demanding as the finger stroking inside her. Ginny forgot everything but the fire burning inside her, and the fact that the man above her could ease the ache, make her scream. She tried to raise her arms, but his grip on her wrists was unyielding.
He lifted his head and watched her face as he eased a second finger into her. “Wiggle all you want, darling. You’re not going anywhere.”
Her heels dug into the backs of his thighs, and she panted. “If you let me go, I could touch you.” God, she wanted to touch him.
“You want to get free?” His thumb swept up before she could answer, narrowing in on her clit as he worked her body with an intimate knowledge which should have taken months to learn. His fingers slicked in and out of her at the perfect angle for several moments, then froze. His smile turned arrogant. “No getting loose until you come, Ginny. And no coming until you beg.”

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