Friday, November 07, 2008

Hollow Cove by Tuesday Richards

What would you do if your loved one gave you the ultimatum of a life time, move to an alternate realm or end your relationship forever? Would you pack up your entire life and follow your soul mate across realms, or would you stay in your comfortable exsistence that barely made you happy? No brainer? Not Really!

Find out what Celeste does when comfronted with Booth's ultimatum in the first installment to the Paranormal Investigations Team (P.I.T) series Hollow Cove by Tuesday Richards releasing Nov. 7th through Changeling Press!


Celeste wonders if her powers will ever be complete. Being a witch with magic on the fritz does not bode well for family living; her mother is ashamed of her, and even her shower seems to have a sense of humor about it. Living in Hollow Cove is all she knows and loves -- even with finicky magic and a smart-ass shower named Hokey.

Booth, former resident of Hollow Cove, has a successful real estate business in the Mortal Realm where he moved to when he was old enough. Being the runt of a litter of strong boys and lovely girls made family living hard. His only solace in a world not ashamed of him is the love of his life, Celeste. He returns to Hollow Cove every year on Halloween to spend twenty-four hours with his soul mate, only to return alone every time.

This year is different; Booth has laid down the law. If Celeste doesn’t return to the Mortal Realm with him, their relationship is over.


Celeste never heard Booth enter the kitchen. The warm breath on the side of her neck was the first giveaway. She leaned her head to the side to allow him access. His lips brushed her skin, tongue tasting her pulse, and her neck prickled with bumps. Booth’s hands slid around Celeste’s waist, pressing the satin fabric of her nightie against her skin. He untied the belt around her waist, then pulled it from the loops. He flattened the satin belt out and loosely placed it over her eyes, tying it gently behind her head.
“Trust me?” His breath tickled her ear.
“Completely.” She had never trusted anybody more in her life. Celeste was an empty shell when it came to the love of her family, but Booth filled that void with his love. She was surprised that he’d stayed completely faithful throughout the years, never another lover, not even the mention of one. Every time she thought about being with him forever, she smiled and could only imagine what the future would hold.
Booth led Celeste around the island and sat her on a stool. His bare feet padded across the granite tile. The freezer door opened and then closed. He approached from her left and touched her arm. He lifted her left arm above her head and slowly bent the arm to secure it with the robe tie already around her eyes. He did the same to the right arm, loosely securing her wrist with the satin fabric.
Her body trembled in anticipation of what the morning would hold.
With her butt on the stool and back against the edge of the island, Booth’s fingertips grazed Celeste’s chest and pulled the top of her nightie down to expose her breasts.
She jumped when his lips kissed the sensitive flesh. Unable to see, Celeste couldn’t tell what he was going to do. This was new and highly erotic.
His hands traced fire through the soft fabric down her belly. He lifted her left leg, placed it on his shoulder and laid his hand on her right knee. “Keep this leg straight. Don’t move.”
All Celeste could do was nod. Caught up in the exotic feeling of not being able to see, she couldn’t speak. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt ice on her ankle.
Booth pushed the ice up the inside of Celeste’s leg, his warm breath trailing behind it. The dual sensation made her shiver and her panties became moist. The ice hit the other ankle and traveled up her leg, warm breath again following behind it. Booth maneuvered the frozen water underneath the fabric of Celeste’s panties, onto her clit. His mouth held it there and he sucked on the ice through the cotton fabric.
“Son of a bat shit!” She leaned her head back, wrists straining against the robe tie. She wanted to touch him so badly. The ice melted against her clit and the cool water ran down her pussy, soaking her panties.
Booth pulled the fabric down Celeste’s legs. He put her left leg back on his shoulder and did the same with her right leg on the other one. His tongue entered her cool wet pussy and slowly made circles. The sensation was intoxicating. She had never felt anything like it before.

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