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Dawg Town: Prairie Rose by Carlanime Bligh

Dawg Town: Prairie Rose
by Carlanime Bligh

Cover art by ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-250-0
Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Dawg Town
Length: Hot Flash


Todd Hunter goes undercover to investigate just how a shipment of drugs went missing in the middle of nowheresville, Kansas. But the blonde biker chick is an irresistible temptation.

Rose Blacktail heard there was a new librarian in town, but she didn't plan to pick him up that night. Back at her house, she realizes two things: the moon is full and she's in heat. Getting laid is a challenge when you're about to go all cute, plump, and furry...


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Rose Blacktail and her sister Thistle didn't bring many guests home. She wasn't too sure why she'd made an exception tonight, except that the new guy in town had wandered into the Prairie Dawg looking completely lost. He was, she knew from town gossip, the new librarian.
Somehow, she'd never pictured librarians having unkempt black hair and intense green eyes, but this guy was definitely an improvement over the stereotype. And quite clearly he was crazy, or just completely lacking in survival skills, because a biker bar is not the kind of place you show up uninvited, not even in a town as small as Barkus, Kansas. And she should know -- she was a member of the Dawgs, born and bred, and had been on the back of a bike from the time she was a toddler. Hell, her whole family were bikers, and she knew all the reasons it was best to steer clear of strangers. In her book, a bad reputation and a tough attitude went a long way to ensure personal safety.
So when this guy had tossed back a few drinks, looking vulnerable, she'd understood just why her fellow Dawgs were eyeing each other and chuckling ominously. The boy was gonna get rolled, and he'd have only himself to blame when he woke up bruised by the side of the road somewhere and, if he was capable of learning, a little bit wiser. The Dawgs were as sweet as they come, but there was such a thing as pushing your luck, and Todd Hunter was in danger of finding that out the hard way.
But something about his unkempt hair and his inappropriate cheerfulness won her over. Every time she'd brought him a drink, he'd had a smile and some little joking remark -- not in an "obviously hitting on her way," but more like how someone new to town might try to figure out the people he'd landed with.
She'd caught him staring at Bucky's giveaway teeth with a puzzled frown, as if he knew something was odd but couldn't work out what, and that had made her laugh. And each time she'd brought a beer or a soda to his table, she'd been just that little bit more aware of how well his jeans fit and how taut those abs were. His shirt draped against his body, hugging it, and she couldn't blame it. Lucky shirt. When she caught herself thinking about slipping her hands underneath it, she decided to rescue him, and herself, by inviting him home for one last drink.
Before she knew what'd happened, she'd introduced herself, pointed out he was too damned drunk to drive back to town, and offered to let him crash at her place. It was a lie, and she knew it. He'd been pacing himself carefully, and he wasn't drunk at all -- even Sheriff Mike Winslow and Taylor MacKeller would have been hard-pressed to find an excuse to run him in, however they might feel about a newcomer. Still, Todd had jumped at the chance. No big surprise there; she knew he'd been checking her out. Rose smiled to herself, feeling a surge of satisfaction. Some days she just felt good in her skin.
He was hardly in the door before she'd backed him against the wall and moved in close, pressing against him. While he was still gasping for breath, she stood on tiptoe to rub noses with him. "Uh, sorry," she said when she realized what she was doing. Oops.
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